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Schedule for the 2018 Trip

Pre-trip Meeting



If you are planning on attending

What you need to bring

Items Needed for the Camp

We need



Suggested fishing equipment

Suggested equipment includes

Crossing the Border

Border crossing bargains - duty-free stores

Fruit and Wine




In years past, many members of Central Oregon Flyfishers have gone on an annual outing to an area of south central British Columbia known for excellent stillwater fly fishing. Our last trip was in 2016 and we are now ready to reintroduce the trip.  This is a 600-mile trip that takes approximately 13 hours to drive. Our campsite is less than a one hour drive from the town of Kamloops, and within 10 miles of the small town of Logan Lake where you will find a gas station, a grocery store, a liquor store, a bank with an ATM, a couple of restaurants and a public campground with a shower facility.

The camping is very similar to what you would find at any of the Forest Service sites in Oregon although the sites are not numbered as they are locally. The access to the site is very easy and can be accessed by any vehicle including large RVs. While many of our members use motor homes or travel trailers, tent camping is an option.

While we have had excellent fishing on the lake where we camp, we have many other lakes in our vicinity with good fishing. We do not want to crowd any particular lake so we will post a list of lakes each day and ask that folks split up with no more than three or four going to any one lake. 

We make a group breakfast and a group dinner each day. People are on their own for lunch. All who participate in this trip are expected to pitch in by helping set-up camp and/or cook a meal or two, and/or wash dishes a few times. The trip is an excellent opportunity to catch some very nice fish and have a good time getting to know some of your fellow club members.

The schedule for the 2018 trip is:Top

  • June 17- travel from Bend to our campsite at Tunkwa Lake
  • June 18 through 25 - go fishing
  • June 26 - return to Bend.

If anyone going on the trip could be at our campsite before the official start of the trip it would help us secure our spot and get a start on setting up.

Pre-trip Meeting:Top

The first meeting will be at 6:15 before the monthly COF meeting on February 21st.


We will be having group dinners and breakfasts beginning with breakfast on the morning of the 18th (the official arrival date), and ending with dinner on the 24th (our last fishing day). Dinner on the 24th may be at a restaurant or pub in the town of Logan Lake and everyone will pay for his/her own meal. That way we could pack up the trailer the last afternoon and have it ready to for a morning departure.  Lunches are not provided.


This year we will be asking everyone to pay $80 to cover food. The food money will be used to reimburse the chefs for food expenses and to cover the costs of any additional kitchen equipment that we may need. There will NOT be a prorata cost. One fee fits all. You must also be a member of COF and sign the membership waiver. Remember there is an out of area membership available. Anyone who purchases food that is used to prepare a meal for the group should keep all receipts so that they can be reimbursed.

In addition to the meal costs you will need to buy a fishing license, pay camping fees, and buy fuel for a trip that is a little over 600 miles each way. Our campsite is at Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park and the fee is $18 Canadian per night for each vehicle (They accept only cash!). In other words if you carpool, you will not only save on fuel costs but also on camping fees. The cost of a fishing license  is $50 in Canadian currency for an 8-day and $80 in Canadian currency for an annual license. Check the web for the current exchange rate.

If you are planning on attending:Top

Please send an email to Lee Ann Ross at rossleeann@yahoo.com  with the following questions answered.

   When will you arrive?

   How many days are you planning to stay?

   Would you be willing to pull the COF Trailer?

   Can you donate the use of a water container, table, or propane tank (see Items Needed below)?

   Do you have any food allergies that we need to know about?

   If we have too much interest we may need to limit attendance.

What you need to bring:Top


   Fishing gear (see below)

   A folding chair

   Coffee cup

   Cup for other beverages if desired

   Alcoholic beverages if you wish (the camp kitchen will provide coffee, tea, milk, soda, and fruit juice. If you want something stronger either bring it or buy it in Canada. Any alcoholic beverage will be more expensive to purchase in Canada due to the high amount of tax they place on such items.

   Food and snacks for lunch

   Mosquito repellant

   Sun block

   Rain gear

   Warm clothing (we have had hail in June up there)

   Camping equipment

   Debit card or credit card (you get a better exchange rate than if you use US currency)

   ATM card for obtaining Canadian currency at Canadian Banks

   Cash for camping fees

Items Needed for the CampTop

The club now has, over the last few years, accumulated a collection of camp equipment, but we still need a few things. If you can donate the use of one or more of the following items for the duration of this trip, please let Lee Ann know.

We need:Top

   Large water containers - We need some 5 or 6 gallon containers for drinking water

   Large folding tables - Something for dinner tables. Heavy duty plastic tables are best

   Propane bottles - We need a couple more 5 gallon bottles


The closest place to buy supplies is Logan Lake, about 10 miles from our camp. Logan Lake is a small town but they have:

   A small grocery store that has all common items but may not have unusual things

   A liquor store

   A bank with an ATM machine (you can use your US ATM card and get Canadian currency at the current exchange rate)

   Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

   Two gas stations

   A drug store

   A couple of restaurants

   A laundry mat

If you need something else you could probably find just about anything you would want in Kamloops.  There is a COSTCO in Kamloops.


On this trip everyone contributes some time and effort. Depending on the numbers attending the trip, those folks who volunteer to cook two (or more) meals may have no other camp responsibilities. Those who cook one meal will help wash dishes or do other camp chores on two occasions. Those who do not want to cook at all will be expected to wash dishes or do other camp chores on about 6 occasions.  If you are not willing to participate in chores, do not sign up for this trip.  No slackers, no whiners.

Prior to leaving town, we will need to put together a work party to inventory the trailer, make and repairs needed, and to learn how to put up and take down the large canopies. 

Suggested fishing equipment:Top

All the standard lake gear that we use here in Oregon will work in BC. There are slightly different regulations in BC. You cannot use dropper rigs (you can only have one fly on at a time), but if you are the only person in a boat or flotation device you ARE allowed to fish two rods at the same time.

Suggested equipment includes:Top

   A 5 or 6 weight rod

   A floating line and an intermediate sinking line (also a type 2 or 3 if you want to bring an additional line)

   Some kind of floatation device (float tube, pontoon boat, pram, etc., and a life vest)

   An anchor for your pontoon boat or other floating device.

   Leaders - 9 foot 3x or 4x are a good, you can always modify them by adding tippet.

   Tippet material - it is a good idea to have some fluorocarbon material in addition to the traditional nylon material in sizes 3x, 4x, and 5x

   Strike indicators for fishing chironomids

   Flies (some suggestions):

                       Kmart - size 6 olive body

                       Chironomids - sizes 8 through 16 in black, green, chrome, brown, maroon

                       Damsel nymph - one inch long and green (or tan).

                       Leach - black and or maroon size 6 or 8

                       Dry caddis - have some size 12 or 14 cinnamon and a few size 6 or 8 olive travelers

                       Caddis pupa


                       The fly shop in Logan Lake has closed but our Logan Lake contact, Mr. Wayne Wright ties flies and sells them at the local GO TO shop.  Wayne reports that the shop carries all the flies you would need for $2.25 CD per fly or about US$1.60 at the January 2016 exchange rate ($1 CD = $.70 US).  There is a fly shop (Nicola Valley Outdoors) in the town of Merritt which is on Hwy 97 south of Logan Lake.

Crossing the BorderTop

   Do not try to bring fresh fruit or vegetables into Canada

   U.S. passport required for re-entry into the U.S. If you do not have a current passport, apply now since the process can be lengthy.

   You are limited to either a liter of liquor or a liter of wine or a case of beer

   You are limited to either a carton of cigarettes or a box of cigars

   You may not bring firearms into Canada

   You may not bring mace or pepper spray into Canada (bear repellent might be OK but check first)

   You should have adequate documentation to prove that you are a US citizen just in case they are being extra cautious at the border (birth certificate and or passport)

Border crossing bargains - duty-free storesTop

Going north 8 am to 7 pm or south 7 am to 9 pm the duty free stores at the border offer the most reasonable prices on alcohol and tobacco. Returning to the US you may also conveniently claim back the 7 percent GST (tax paid in Canada) on those items purchased in Canada that you are bringing back to the US. A sales receipt must total at least $50 before tax, and total taxes paid during you trip must be over $20. At times the Osoyoos store has also given an in-store discount in addition to your cash back.

Fruit and WineTop

Within 15 miles north of the border you will find exceptional produce stands and some internationally known wineries. Gehringer Brothers at Road 8 (before Oliver on highway 97) has excellent reds, whites and "ice wines" at reasonable prices. Bringing more than a liter of wine north across the border is expensive so if you enjoy having more than one glass of wine with dinner it makes sense to buy some local product after you enter Canada.


   Town of Logan Lake

   Washington State and Southern BC

   Lakes in the Logan Lake Area

   COF BC Map Page

   Bathymetric maps for BC


   Fish BC A very good commercial site with a wealth of information

   Fly Craft Angling Philip Rowley's web site

   Customs Information  What you need to know about crossing the border

   Go Fish BC  An excellent resource for BC fishing.

   The town of Logan Lake

   Tunkwa Lake site BC Parks

   Hermann Fisher's Fly-tying Tips

   BC Flies

   Fly tying with Hermann Fisher

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