May 18th

25 Apr 2016 7:41 PM | Gary Meyer (Administrator)

Our featured speaker this month is Bob Wolfe. He has been an avid fly angler for over fifty years and grew up fishing the Sierra Nevada’s in central and northern California. Bob’s topic will be

“Why Fish Chrinomids”

Bob is a Vietnam Vet and recently retired from the USFS after 36 years. He is the founding member and past president of the Blue Mountain Flycasters Club in Pendleton. As a fly tying instructor, casting instructor and fly fishing instructor, Bob has introduced hundreds of people to the great sport of fly fishing and the fly fishing opportunities in Oregon. 

He has created the Buzz Hackle Fly Series and the Magic Midge series of Chrinomid patterns. w Bob’s topic will be “Why Fish Chrinomids” Chironomids, particularly the pupae stage, make up over 50% of a Trout’s annual diet and up to 100% in early spring and fall in productive still waters. This presentation will help fly fishermen better understand the life cycle of Chironomids and important characteristics of the pupa that need to be imitated to make proper presentations and tie productive imitations. The presentation will cover tackle, fishing techniques, presentations, and lots of helpful hints to make your time on the water more productive. Whether you tie your own flies or buy them at the fly shop, it’s good to recognize a good Chironomid pattern when you see one. 

Pre-Meeting: 6:15: Bob Wolfe

will share his still water chironomid leader building and introduce his knots made easy techniques.

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