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August 2001

Harry Harbin with trout
Crooked River - August 4th
photo by Gordon Chandler

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Random Casts

Here comes the Annual Picnic, volunteer's step forward almost immediately and COF offers another service to its members. What a tough way to enjoy life! (Look elsewhere for the picnic info)

Regarding the volunteers, for those of you not at the July meeting, we're looking at the possibility of building a new ramp at Davis Lake. Steve has been in contact with several agencies in an effort to get this underway so we're hoping for the best and a chance to get started before the lake refills. There are still lots of hoops to jump through, and we're still in the almost ready to get started mode, but we do have a volunteer archaeologist for that part of the prep work. As the project develops we'll bring you up to date, so, if you think you might be able to help build a new Davis Lake ramp at the Lava campground, let me know and I'll put you on the "possible volunteers" list.

Regarding the new service to Club members, it's really pretty simple. I've always been pretty much of a loner when it comes time to go fishing. Quite often I head out the door with rod in hand, apt to go fishing just about anywhere without warning. It has been suggested that I look into finding some possible partners just in case something goes wrong, like falling in or down, and needing assistance. This recommendation actually fits all of us that go fishing. With that thought in mind here is a new Club service offer. Give me a call, or send an email, and I'll put you on the "Possible Partners" list. Let me know if you're available the day of, need at least a 1 day notice, or need longer notice and I'll put the list together and send a copy to everybody that signs up. This will give all of us a chance to find partners when we go fishing, and may put a few minds at ease at the same time. There will also be a sign-up list available at the picnic.

Finally, we are again at that time when the Nominations Committee is looking for a few good volunteers to serve on the Board and fill a few Officer positions. If you would like more info on just what it takes, give Hank Sailor a call. He'll be more than happy to bring you up to speed on what is needed and what would be expected of you.

See you on the water and at the Picnic,

Phil @ COF

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Upstream Events


Thursday, 8/2
COF Board Meeting 7 PM - At the Environmental Center in Bend
Monday through Friday 8/6-8/10
Indian Creek Fish Removal camping project - Contact Wayne Bowers 541-573-6582 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445
This project may be cancelled
Wednesday, 6:30 PM
COF Annual Picnic - 6:30 PM at Shevlin Park
Monday - Thursday, 8/27-8/30
Malheur Bull Trout Spawning camping project Contact Wayne Bowers 541-573-6582 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445


Thursday, 9/6
COF Board Meeting 7 PM - At the Environmental Center in Bend
Friday, 9/14
Metolius Bull Trout Redd Survey - Contact Ted Wise 541-388-6363 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445
Monday - Friday, 9/17-9/21
Kokanee Karnival Metolius Streamside - Contact Art McEldowney 541-385-6789 or Tommie Speik 541-385 0445
Wednesday, 9/19
COF Monthly Meeting 7 PM - At the C O Assoc. of the Board of Realtors
Monday - Friday, 9/24-9/28
Kokanee Karnival Browns Cr. Streamside - Contact Art McEldowney 541-385-6789 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445
Monday - Friday, Daily, 9/24-9/28
South Fork Crooked River Electrofishing Population survey. Contact Brett Hodgson at 541-447-511 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445

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New COF Members!

We have several new members to welcome to COF this month. They are:
  • Phillip Mickel
  • Jeff and Terri Grimm
  • Richard and Dixie Vail

Please introduce yourselves to these folks at our next Meeting and invite them to go fishing at the first opportunity or to join us when they attend the Annual Picnic ( that is the next Meeting). These new members may have to wait until the following Meeting to pick up the copy of “Harry Teal’s No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon” from Bill Lundy at the Welcome Table. See you at the Picnic

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COF Annual Picnic

Past President & Lifetime Member Jack Bloom and the Deadbeats

  • Jack Bloom on the Banjo;
  • Laura Newton on the Autoharp & Bass;
  • Pete Newton on the Jaws harp
  • Dennis Jacab on the Guitar and Vocal;
  • Ellen Jacab on Banjo & Fiddle
  • Dave Gutcher on Fiddle

Aspen Hall in Shevlin Park will again be the place to meet, NOT at the Realtors office. Come on down, have fun and enjoy the Annual Picnic. COF will supply hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, paper plates and plastic ware. Please bring a side dish, salad or desert to share. If it looks like thundershowers we'll move it inside, otherwise we will "dine on the deck" overlooking the pond.

Please feel free to bring family and friends, but, if you're bringing a large group, please bring a larger side dish. You can come out early to practice a little casting or maybe help a child or grandchild catch some trout from the pond. If you have some old or odd flyfishing equipment bring that along and somebody may be able to tell you what it is or show you how to use it.

If you would like to help out as a volunteer on the set-up, cooking, tear-down or clean-up please call Bob Griffin at 389-2070. Thanks, and hope to see you there.

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COF Meeting Date and Location


The August meeting is at Aspen Hall NOT at the Realtors building!

See article above.

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By Dave McNall

The 5th annual COF road trip to the beautiful Highland Plateau region southwest of Kamloops B.C. was as expected - good food, wonderful weather, great company and a fish for everyone. This year I brought my 9 year old Dylan to share the joys we had last year when I took his older brother Sean.

The original agreement called for each to be 10 but Dylan was only 2 months short so I bent the rules some. The difference between a 9 and 10 year old is dramatic. Some of the more notable items include; hygiene, diet, memory, patience and waking hour. Having had the June COF meeting the night before leaving, we agreed that all items making the trip would be in the center of the garage for packing. I'm not sure if it was the second or third day, but Dylan was still in the same clothes (and would have been happy to keep it that way for the duration), when I suggested he might be more comfortable changing out of the M&M muscleman T-shirt and Nike shorts. He finally relented but couldn't find the "brown suitcase". Long story shorter - he was skeptical of the 'disposable underwear' at the pharmacy in Logan Lake (the only clothing store in town having closed late last year) so we made the trip to Costco in Kamloops (for 'joe boxers' he also wouldn't wear).

Dylan had one day when he caught 3 nice fish in the span of an hour using the time tested technique of "dad rowing around dragging a K-mart special". We were both ready to go on the following Friday and decided to slice up the trip home with a stop at a border lake that Don Johnston and I had found on the first B.C. trip. After finding some turtles on a log Dylan was rejuvenated, although not enough to want to fish much more. He beat me back to the dock and I was on the proverbial "last cast" (having two bumps that night) when a solid hookup was announced. He asked how large and I said "over 20" as the fish got closer and we got a better look I speculated over 24" and upon measuring topped 28" and girthy. I let Dylan revive him and he said, "I didn't know trout got this big". Who-ah! and Amen!

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It has been reported that nine people attended the Outing at Miller Lake on Monday, July 30 for good but not great fishing. Not a very good turn out!

The next Outing will be at the Metolius on Sunday, August 26th. The date is firm but the location is subject to change if you want to contact Hank Sailor 541-318-0046 or email If you plan to come and want to have a free lunch be sure to contact Hank so that he has the proper amount of food.

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Conservation Column

We have just returned from volunteering on two ODFW projects. The first was the Malheur River Basin/Lake Fish Inventory and the new data collected will help the biologists assess the health of the fish population found in the area. The data will also help in determining what habitat improvements can be made.

The second project was a Bull Trout Presence or Absence survey on the Middle Fork of the John Day River tributary of Davis Creek. Although a bull trout was found in the last sampling of the Vinegar Creek tributary last year, none were found in Davis Creek tributary samplings this year. However, the data collected will help the biologists with any future work and habitat improvement plans in the area.

Our usual expectations were well met with good food, fun, camaraderie and the meeting of old friends and the making of new ones. Some of the agencies working with each other were the U S Forest Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Transportation, Eastern Oregon Salmon Trout Enhancement (STEP), YCC, COF members and others.

Next year maybe some of you newer members will want to share in this educational and fun experience. Besides having a great time, these projects are a good short vacation.

Please don’t forget to check the list of Projects that are still available at the next COF Meeting. If you would like to volunteer. and you are interested in something in particular, be sure to contact Tommie Speik at 541-385-0445 or e-mail to for additional information.

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Shortly, the nomination process will begin for four Club Officers and four Board members for next year. Board positions are for a two-year period. Those elected as Officers must already be Board Members and will serve for one year, then serve on the Board for an additional year. Officer and Board members may be renominated.

Position descriptions will appear in the September issue of the Flyfisher, along with instructions as to how interested candidates may apply for these positions.

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Kamloops 2001 Report

This year, at the end of June, 14 folks from Central Oregon Flyfishers journeyed north to a lake not far from Kamloops British Columbia. We camped for 9 nights and fished 8 days.

I arrived at our lake on Monday evening, 3 days before the official start of the COF trip. Harry Harbin was already there. He had been fishing with Mark Reisinger and Ken Stringer the previous week. Mark and Ken could not join us on the COF trip due to scheduling conflicts.

Harry and I fished together for the three days prior to the arrival of the rest of the COF group. Harry was doing quite well with a fly called a "K-Mart". Wayne and Phil had introduced Harry, Mark, and Ken to the "K-Mart". Wayne Wright is a resident of Logan Lake (south west of Kamloops) and he has taken us under his wing the last couple of years. He is a wealth of information on local fly patterns, lakes, etc. Phil is from Washington State and is a fishing buddy of Wayne's. The "K-Mart" is a fly that looks a couple of turns of hackle short of a "real" fly. In fact when Wayne first saw the fly in Phil's fly box he said that it looked "like the kind of fly you would buy at K-Mart", hence the name. Even though Harry was knocking them dead on K-marts, I resisted using the fly just on principle (it's really an ugly fly).

Steve and Nancy Sheldon arrived at camp a day or two before the official start of the trip. Most folks arrived on Thursday. Bill Bancroft, Chris Kerber, Rodger Blue, Jim Moore, Dick Mayer, Vicky Ramming, John Burns, Dan Driskill, Dave McNall, and Dave's son Dylan McNall all arrived safely. We fished a variety of lakes, some remote requiring 4-wheel drive, some right on a major highway. Success was mixed. There were days when some of our members were hooking quite a few fish, but there were also days when the fishing was generally slow. The weather was mostly OK but not great. We fished in a hailstorm one day and ate dinner in a good breeze more than once. I must say the meals were fantastic. The delicious breakfasts prepared by our camp chefs kept you going throughout the day, and the dinners were wonderful also. Jokes and fishing stories around the campfire after dinner ended the day.

My last day of fishing in BC was very good. I had intended to fish Chironomids on the opposite side of the lake from camp. The weather was very nice as I started out across the lake. I tied on a "K-Mart". " Might as well troll something while I'm going to the other side" I thought. Before I made it to the other side I hooked and landed two very nice fish. I left the K-Mart on and had a great day, lots of fish, some of them good size. A nice way to end the trip.

Several of us are intending to go next year but we are thinking of going sometime in July rather than June. We are thinking of doing the same kind of trip, group breakfasts and dinners, 8 days of fishing, split the costs. Next year we are hoping for better weather by going a little later in the year, but we are also looking into purchasing some large dinning canopies just in case. If you want to be kept informed of our plans for "Kamloops 2002", please let me know.

Gordon Chandler

PS - Tying instructions for the "K-Mart" will appear in next month's newsletter. Stay tuned.

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Dugan Lake

By Steve Sheldon

After departing from the COF camp at Leighton Lake, we headed north for Dragon Lake. Encountering a heavy rainstorm, we decided to pull into Dugan Lake to look it over.

We immediately became close friends with the camp host, Collin McGill and his wife Jackie (a paraplegic). Two of the most wonderful people we have ever met. After helping us get the motorhome leveled, he insisted on showing me all the ins and outs of the lake. My first late afternoon out with him I landed and released about 10 beautiful brookies - all 3 to 5 pounds. The next day Nancy and I did even better from 10AM to 1:30. Collin describes the lake as "a gentlemen's lake" because the fishing doesn't really turn on till about 10. We ended up staying there and fishing Friday thru Monday with the same great results.

I plan to go back up in late August when the brookies will be "much larger" and the "Blacktail Trout", up to 25 pounds, will be working. Nancy may not be able to make the August trip so if anyone is interested in joining me in my 28', two separate sleeping areas, motorhome for about a one week trip, give me a call now - 593-1546.

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Internet Stuff



E-MAIL is:

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422
  • Central Oregon Outdoors, 1502 SW Odem, 504-0372


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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2001 COF Officers & Board Members



Board Members


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COF Committees

AMBASSADORS - Doyle Goolsby
AWARDS - Rex Harrison, Don Johnston
BANQUET - Mark Reisinger/Ken Stringer, Tom Philiben/Dennis McMahon
CONSERVATION - Tommie Speik/Bob Speik
ENTOMOLOGY - John Anderson
FLY TYING EXPO - Bill Lundy/Dan Driskill
HISTORIAN - Rex Harrison
NSTRUCTION - Gordon Chandler
LIBRARIAN - Gordon Chandler
OUTINGS - Hank Sailor
PROGRAMS - Dave McNall/Gene McMullen
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Phil Hager/Harry Harbin
RAFFLES - Ken Stringer
WEBSITE - Gordon Chandler
WELCOME - Hank Sailor

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