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Feburary 2001

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Random Casts

A definite THANK YOU for those that filled out the questionnaires at the January meeting. Sorry we ran out but they will be available again at this months meeting. For those that weren't there, you missed a great presentation by Peter, even if you didn't want to fish Baja. Now, time for some stats from the questionnaire. I'll list the A question, the % of yes votes and the number of responses. That should give you an idea of what we're looking at for programs, outings and "special events" for the Club. What would you like more of?
  1. Learn more about where and how to fish local waters? 96% Yes (56r)
  2. Learn more about fly selection and presentation on local waters? 96% Yes (55r)
  3. Information on Club events & activities? 89% Yes (45r)
  4. Learn about fly tying? 78% Yes (52r)
  5. Information on the where and when of conservation efforts? 67% Yes (52r)
  6. Share my knowledge of fly fishing basics with others? 66% Yes (44r)
  7. Share my knowledge with others about fly selection/presentation? 66% Yes (44r)
  8. Information on where and when of KK/Youth Ed. Programs? 63% Yes (48r)
  9. Share my knowledge of where/how to fish locally? 57% Yes (44r)
  10. Find a fishing partner for fishing locally? 56% Yes (50r)
  11. Share my knowledge on fly selection/presentation? 49% Yes (47r)
  12. Learn the basics of fly fishing? 44% Yes (54r)
  13. Information on how to become involved in Club events/activities? 44% Yes (50r)
  14. Learn more about what each of the Committees do? 41% Yes (49r)
  15. Find a fishing partner that has a boat? 40% Yes (53r)
  16. Learn more about building fly rods? 31% Yes (52r)
  17. Find a partner to share my boat with? 25% Yes (48r)
  18. Share my knowledge about building fly rods? 17% Yes (47r)
  19. Information on Committee Chairs/serving on Board/as Officer? 10% yes 18% maybe (49r)
Some of the comments received:
"I am new to the Club and would appreciate the opportunity to have some of the more knowledgeable Fly Fishers invite me to go locally. The sooner the better."

"...Information on how I can volunteer on a limited basis, perhaps visiting with a Board Member."

Need more activities and outing on weekdays for those that work weekends.

Why aren't we doing more stream, lake, habitat improvement - working more with ODFW Biologists?

These are just some of the comments returned to the Committee and we found all of them to be aimed in the same general direction: Better communications and more information. As more members fill out the forms we will have a more complete base to work from and, hopefully, will be able to better plan to meet your requests.

One question, that I think I worded wrong, was in regards to adding your responses to the membership list issued to all members in March. My thought on that was how much easier it would be to "find what or who you're looking for". Example: I have a boat and am going to Davis Lake Tuesday. I need a partner. I could look at the list of members, make a few calls and maybe end up with a partner that is looking for a boat, has never fished Davis and wants to learn more about fly selection and presentation. I'm not an expert, but I'll gladly share what has worked for me. We both walk away better informed because to teach is to learn.

See you at the February meeting.


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February 2001

Thursday, February 1, 7 PM
COF Board Meeting at the Environmental Center in Bend.
Wednesday, February 21, 6:30 PM
COF Monthly Meeting featuring a presentation of the Kokanee Karnival and its impact on Central Oregon Schools and students. This meeting will explain one of our most important Youth Education projects.
Saturday, February 24, 10 AM to 2 PM
The COF 3RD ANNUAL FLY TYING EXPO in the Mountain View Mall in front of the old K- Mart.

MARCH 2001

Thursday, March 1, 7 PM
COF Board Meeting at the Environmental Center in Bend.
Saturday, March 3
The ANNUAL COF BANQUET at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. A celebration of the "Central Oregon Outdoor Adventure" at 6 P. M. and dinner at 7:15 P. M. Make your reservations as soon as possible. For donations to the auction or raffle prizes contact Ken Stringer (330-3920) or Mark Reisinger ( 389-4124). See the insert for more detailed information.
Wednesday, March 21, 6:30
PM COF Monthly Meeting

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New COF Members!

  • Andy Boller
  • Ron Ward
  • Mark Harvey
  • Linda Richard
  • Phillip and Peggy Ogburn
  • Joel and Val Bailie
  • H. Earl and Judy Rettig
Be sure to introduce yourself to these new COF Members at our next meeting and invite them to go fishing at the first opportunity or maybe they would just like to spend some time talking to you to learn more about the club before going fishing.

All new Members should pick up their free copy of "Harry Teal's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon" from Bill Lundy at the Welcome Table at the next Monthly Meeting.

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February COF Program

Wednesday, February 21, at 6:30 PM the COF Monthly Meeting will feature a complete program about the Kokanee Karnival and it's impact on the Central Oregon Schools and Students. Art McEldowney, and others, will show what the Kokanee Karnival is and what it provides to others, what we learn from the teaching and how you can get involved. Be there early, there's only room for about 130 people. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE.

Click here for meeting time and location

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COF Annual Banquet

Our banquet speaker this year will be photonaturalist Terry R. Steele. Terry is a fifth generation eastern Oregonian who spent most of his early life near Prairie City in the shadow of the Strawberry Mountains and the nearby high desert. The skills acquired as an outdoorsman account for the intimate images of western wildlife for which he has become well known throughout Oregon.

Terry is especially renowned for his folksy, entertaining and educational slide shows. High profile wildlife (wolves, wildcats, eagles) and scenes of the Northwest are well represented in his portfolio. He is distinguished from other fine photographers by his artistic capture of more secretive and less known birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Terry has been presented as a guest artist by the Audubon Societies of Oregon, the High Desert Museum, the Newport Performing Arts Center Celebration, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge John Scharff Festival, Eugene Natural History Society, Corvallis DiVinci Days Celebration of Arts and Science and numerous community and outdoor sporting organizations throughout Oregon. For over fifty years he has witnessed changes in wildlife populations and human impact on wildlife. He hopes to inspire people from all walks of life to consider the struggles of creatures to survive as wild places continue to vanish.

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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What is the Federation of Fly Fishers and what does it do for me? Well, it's kind of a steering committee, I guess, that sort of represents Clubs and their members, but I'm not sure exactly what they do. More importantly I don't think they really do anything for me as a member. Well they did get the fishing regulations changed after the State Board eliminated all fly fishing only waters. I gained nothing from that.

Oh sure, they do things like donate $2,000 to the ODFW effort to develop and print a book supplied to schools and students in the STEP program, but I don't benefit from that do I? It's just a way to teach kids about the environmental and ecological needs of the fish and fisheries and I don't benefit from that do I?

Or maybe it's the things like adding the strength, of all of the Clubs they represent, to the fight the McKenzie Club is taking on to prevent the building of a house in the riparian area of the McKenzie River. I don't gain anything from that, it's not my river.

Yes, they did donate $5,000 to the Kokanee Karnival funding last year, but what did that do for me? I guess it provided funds for things like equipment and materials for the streamside education of kids, and the kids angling day at Shevlin Park. Sure the kids learn about the migration and spawning process of fish, about water safety, courtesy while fishing, along with other stuff, but what does that do for me personally? Nothing, I guess.

I know they do other things. Like the big fly tying demo where lots of people get exposed to fly tying, along with lots of other aspects of flyfishing, but where does that benefit me? I ran into a guy on the river the other day who was fly-fishing because of that. Said he found it to be really relaxing. A lot of good that did for me. Just another person fishing where I want to fish. What's the benefit in that? Well, he was doing catch and release and he said he used to catch and keep.

I don't really think they do anything personally for me, but maybe I'm wrong. As I look at what I've already written I think there is something that might be beneficial. Maybe I'll talk to my Club rep, Dick Mayer and ask a few questions. Maybe there are some benefits for me in what they do. Maybe I will join.

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Conservation Column

The dates of projects that will present a chance for you to participate, on behalf of COF, during the coming year, 2001, have not yet been finalized by the agencies involved and we hope that a project list will be available by the March Monthly Meeting.

The summer months provide the Members with many opportunities to participate in the COF conservation projects. Joining others in these opportunities for comradeship and education is one of the cornerstones of Central Oregon Flyfishers. Conservation and enhancement of watersheds and the riparian environment has been a fundamental activity of COF and about two events per month are listed by the club. Priority is given to the "home waters projects" that have been supported for many years.

The five week-long campout projects, working together with biologists from several agencies, are always popular, educational, fun and can sometimes be a very interesting vacation time.

The individual volunteer Hours and Mileage donated are recorded by the club for use in three areas. They are a necessity and used when applying for grants for funds for the Kokanee Karnival youth education program, they are used by committees to honor those volunteers that have been able to donate the most time, and thirdly, the individual volunteers use them for tax purposes. This last year, 2000, the club Members donated 3, 692 hours of volunteer time and donated 19,413 miles. That is quite an accomplishment! However, maybe this next year we can add even more time and mileage.

There are many facets of appreciation in helping with projects: fun, education, new friends and camaraderie, seeing old friends and being good stewards by helping to preserve what is most important to all of us.

The conservation committee circulates a sign-up roster at the COF monthly Meetings well in advance of the project, allowing enough time for the Members to check their calendars and recruit friends to participate with them. New Members will find these opportunities a great learning experience. Be sure to join us.

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Third Annual Fly Tying Expo will be February 24, 10 AM to 2PM. We will be set up at the north end of the Mountain View Mall in front of the old Kmart. At this time there are the following tyers:
  • Paul Wolflick of the FlyBox
  • Merrill Hummer of Numb-Butt Fly Co of Madras
  • Peter Bowers of the Patient Angler
  • Linda Foote of the Sunriver Fly Shop
  • Phil Brummett of the Sun River Fly Shop
  • Cory Godell of the Deschutes River Outfitters
  • Jamie Nicholson, age 13,(tied last year)
If there are any club members that would like to tie their specialty flys please let Bill Lundy know. We could use more tyers. It would be nice to have at least five tyers at all times during the four hours. There is no set amount of time or schedule for a tyer this year. The tyers can take a break at any time. We are going to be there to have fun and introduce the public to this fine art and sport.

We will also need numerous volunteers from the club to do go'fer things, man the membership table, man the Kokanee Karnivel display, man the Grindstone raffel table, instruct the kids at the instruction tables, help the instructors and do public relations for the club. All help will be greatly appreciated. Please call Bill Lundy if you have any questions and/or would like to volunteer. Phone number 330-6961.

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Outings 2001

Outings will begin in May and continue through October of this year. Each of those 6 months, a full day outing will be scheduled for a lake or stream, generally at a destination within 50 miles of Bend.

We will alternate trips such that they occur during both mid-week, as well as some Saturdays in order to meet the needs of Club members. In all cases, a field lunch will be provided; transportation should be arranged by those interested in attending; To the extent possible, at each outing we plan to include a presentation on a topic which the members have indicated an interest in such as: fly presentation, pattern selection; entomology, etc.

A schedule of dates for this years' outings will be published in the April issue of the COF Flyfisher.

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There will be training on February 24
Exploring the Kokanee Karnival at the COF February meeting.

On February 24th Art McEldowney will conduct a 2 hour training session which will enable attendees to present a one hour fish dissection class at various area schools interested in this highly popular and successful activity. The training is scheduled for 2 hours and will occur at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife office at 61374 Parrell road, Bend. There are 23 schools signed up for fish dissection. The timing of dissections at each individual school is decided between the volunteer conducting the class and the classroom teacher. The classes are usually scheduled from mid March to the end of the year. Come, have fun, learn and become adept at holding the attention of a class full of very inquisitive minds.

THE TRAILER IS HERE! The February COF meeting will be an opportunity for club members to become familiar with the Kokanee Karnival youth education program. Explore various aspects of Kokanee Karnival, learn about it, talk to volunteers who work with the program, talk to teachers who are on the receiving end of the program and view the equipment, including the trailer and its uses.

Please plan to attend and learn about this very important club sponsored project. Members of Sunriver Anglers and Central Oregon Llama Association are encouraged to volunteer for the Fish Dissection training and joining COF at their monthly meeting on Wednesday, February 21 at the Board of Realtors building on 4th street, behind Robberson Ford at 6:30 p.m.

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 1012 NW Wall St., Ste 55, 330-6376
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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2001 COF Officers & Board Members



Board Members


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COF Committees

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