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February 2002

Remember to come to the Banquet!

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Random Casts

Time sure seems to fly when you're having fun, or working hard on upcoming events. With all that's coming up there seems to be less time in the day than there used to be.

Plans are completed on the Banquet, now it's the fine tuning time for what will take place. Special items coming in for door prizes, raffle and auction for both the Banquet, March 2nd, and the first COF Expo April 13th. Along with that there is the fly tying demo Feb. 9th at the Mt. View Mall and the Sports and Rec. show March 7-10. Sun River Anglers have opted out of helping on that this year so more help will be needed, plus we get to keep the entire payment for COF. (Let me know please if you can help out on that. A few hours of time at the pond=a free day at the show.)

Things are progressing well on filling the Committee Chairs, but some help is still needed. Welcome to Terri Grimm as the Fish Eggs to Fry Chair, Mark Reisinger as the Fund Raising Chair and Spring Kids' Angling Clinic Chair, Tom Walker (Desc. Nat'l Forest) as Fish Dissection Chair Gene McMullen as Conservation Chair. We still need someone for the Youth Education Program Chair so let me know if you can help out. (I'll be more than happy to help you out and will take Over next year if you want.)

More tips! If you have a tip or trick about fly fishing that you would care to share with others let me know. We received a request for Fishing & Hunting News asking if they could print our January tips and will use others if you agree. From that COF will get some coverage in the F & H regarding our efforts in conservation, etc..

The January meeting was very valuable in the information provided. It seems that some of our Conservation efforts may prove to be valuable for the Deschutes Resources Conservancy. The funding they receive is paid out to groups and organizations that make efforts to improve the stream/watershed conditions in the Deschutes Basin. With that in mind, make sure you report all of your time and miles to Gene McMullen, or me, that you spend on any Conservation effort. I'll make sure that it is forwarded to the DRC for their records and fund seeking efforts for Federal funds.

Hope to see you at the February meeting.

Phil @ COF

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Dates to Remember


Sign up as soon as you can for your annual COF Banquet. It's coming your way Saturday, March 2 at the Bend Boys & Girls Club, 500 NW Wall St. Social time begins at 6:00PM with hors d'ouevres and a no-host bar, followed by dinner at 7:15.

There are many "unsung heroes" in our club, working both out front and behind the scenes, selflessly devoting countless hours to achieve our goals and improve the overall quality of our fishing, educational outreach, conservation and recreational opportunities. The intent of this year's banquet is to focus on these COF members who do so much to make our organization a success. In addition to the recognition aspect of the evening, we are currently negotiating the evening's entertainment with Hart and Soul, who deliver a musical diversity sure to please almost everyone.

We are also pleased to announce that the price is 28% lower than last year's. We will still have door prizes as well as raffles and a silent auction. But, by placing the emphasis more on recognition and less on fundraising, as in the past, we hope to make it possible for more of our members to enjoy the evening's festivities. Our April 13 Fishing Expo, open to the public, will help shoulder our annual fundraising load, allowing us to concentrate on making the banquet a nice evening for our members at a lower cost. Country Catering will be providing an excellent steak and chicken barbecue with all the trimmings and the cost is only $16.00 per person.

Our Annual Banquet is one way for all of our members to express their support of COF. Lots of work goes into the preparation and planning of the program each year, so let's all plan to attend and support our club. It's the least we can do and the price is right! Remember, all the funds from the banquet go to support our volunteer projects.

Some of you are skilled at producing items which would make tremendous awards or raffle/auction items. If you are able to provide such items, please contact: Tom Philiben 389-5829, Dennis McMahon 388-7435, or Phil Hager 317-1075

Since we are required to make a headcount commitment to the caterer, we are offering a special "early bird" door prize drawing for those signing up by Feb 15.

See you there!

To sign up, send the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Spouse/Guest Name
  3. Street Address
  4. City/State/Zip
  5. Telephone No.
  6. Then include your check for $16.00 per person.
  7. Mail to COF at PO Box 1126, Bend, Oregon 97709
  8. Or get all the information and money to Dennis McMahon or Tom Philiben as soon as possible

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New COF Members!

  • Dennis and Gin Staines
  • Gary and Joan Kramer
  • Dick and Jane Christiansen
  • Carl and Koreen Sanders
  • Dick and Annie Braaten
  • Dennis and Peggy O'Donnell
  • John Joyce and Burr O'Neil
Lets show all of these new members a big welcome and introduce yourselves to them at the next meeting in October. Share your adventures of the summer months and see if you can make plans to take them fishing as soon as possible.

New members please don't forget to pick up your copy of "Harry Teal's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon" from Dan and Bill's Welcome Table at the next meeting. We are all glad to have you join us.

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February Program

Rick Hafele, one of the northwest's great fly fishing writers will present "Anatomy of a Trout Stream". Rick is the fly fisher's entomologist. He is a professional entomologist with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, as manager of the biomonitoring section. He is an excellent and experienced flyfisherman, and has fished and knows our local streams. Rick has been awarded life membership in Federation of Fly Fishers for his contributions to fly fishing. Rick has written a column in American Angler for over 20 years. His great work is The Complete Book of Western Hatches, co-authored with Dave Hughes, and is recommended reading.

If you have any interest in becoming a better fly fisher, attend Rick's presentation. This may be the best fly fishing education you will ever get.

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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February Tips & Tricks

For those that have the computer, and internet access, you might want to check out At this site you'll find just about everything you want to know about nature, and the good part is they will provide information based on your zip code. You'll find listing on insects, fish, animals plants and too many more subjects to list. Might prove to be valuable when checking out "local" fishing info on conditions, etc.
Gene M.
Want a really simple way to treat your fly lines so they cast easier and float a little better ? All it takes is some Armor All. Take your line off the reel, coil it up in a plastic cup and pour a little of the Armor All vinyl treatment into the cup. Let the line set a few minutes then pull it out and dry it off. You'll notice that it slides thru the eyes on the rod much easier, making longer casts easier, and floats a little better too.
Tom P.

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Fishing Central Oregon Expo

Coming April 13th
The first Central Oregon Fly fishers "Fishing Central Oregon Expo".

In an effort to reduce the call for donations on Members we will be doing a fund raising "Expo" in April that is open to the public. The "Expo" will take place at Pilot Butte Middle School and will include reports from ODF&W regarding the upcoming fishing season conditions and what to expect there, a fly casting pond, a fly tying demo, a spin casting area, KK info and a place for members to sell items they no longer need. (These items may be sold on consignment or donated to COF to sell.) We will also be inviting local "fishing" shops, guide services and others in. In addition to all of that there will be a Raffle and a Silent Auction.

We will be looking at the upcoming season for all forms of fishing, not just fly fishing, so if you have anything that you want to donate, or put on consignment, check in with Phil Hager and let him know. The sales will not be limited to fishing equipment either so just about anything workable will be accepted.

We'll haul stuff in starting at 8 AM and open the doors to the public at 10 AM. The doors close at 4 PM and we need to be out by 6 PM. If you can help out on this let any Board member know.

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Conservation News

Want to meet some new friends or enjoy some time with old ones? Want to have some fun and feel like you are helping the resource. Then volunteer for some conservation related projects that should be coming on board during March. ODFW, The Forest Service and BLM and other local resource groups often need volunteers to help in various projects.

Volunteer opportunities will be published in the newsletter and copies will available at the monthly meetings. These are opportunities to be involved with local projects affecting our fisheries and wildlife. Often times, without volunteer support, important projects cannot be accomplished.

If you have any questions please contact our President Phil Hager or myself.

Gene McMullen
22285 White Peaks Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702
(541) 312-8939

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The Art of Flytying

This free event presented by the Central Oregon Flyfishers will be held February 9, 2002 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the Mountain View Mall. Join local experts to learn more about the Art of Flytying. Demonstrations will be aimed at all levels of expertise, from the novice to the expert. A special table just for kids learning to tie their own flies will be provided. GI Joe's will award a special prize for the best kids fly.

Participants that will be on hand all day to demonstrate and answer questions include: Dusty Harris and Mike Jones from GI Joe's; Paul Wolflick from The Fly Box Outfitters; Peter Bowers from The Patient Angler; Jeff Paulsen from Fly and Field; Fred Foisset and Jim Dexter from The Hook Fly Shop; Cory Godell from Deschutes River Outfitters; Justin Karnopp representing Central Oregon Outdoors; and Central Oregon Flyfishers Club own Tom Philiben, Earl Rettig, Dan Driskill and Jamie Nicholson.

Mark your calendars now for this February 9th event, fun for the whole family.

For information on membership to the Central Oregon's Flyfishers Club please write to CENTRAL OREGON FLYFISHERS at PO Box 1126, Bend, Oregon 97709 or visit our web site at

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Outlook for the Steens

Wayne Bowers reports that the snow pack on Steens Mountain is running about one hundred and ten percent of normal. This is certainly an improvement over last years skimpy fifty percent of normal snow pack. Hopefully, there will be additional storms that dump even more snow in Southeast Oregon's mountains, which will lead to ample water for all users.

This large snow pack will most likely return the Blitzen to it's high and often muddy runoff this May and June. Fishing is usually difficult during this high runoff period but can turn great when the water starts to drop, usually in late June and early July. Big Stonefly Nymph patterns often work well for the larger redbands at this time.

The Blitzen is open all year to angling with lures or artificial flies. Catch and release is the rule during the winter season but 2 trout over 8" may be kept during the summer season. The Little Blitzen River, a main tributary, is catch and release at all times. Additionally, the main stem Blitzen is closed to angling on the Malhuer Refuge below Bridge Creek so be sure to check your map and obey the signs in this section.

The Blitzen from Bridge Creek to Page Springs Campground can harbor some very large trout. This is generally a quiet water stretch that often is best fished in the early morning or toward evening. Beware, you can be eaten alive my mosquitoes in this part of the Blitzen from spring through mid summer so be prepared with netting or very good repellent.

Bridge Creek, a nice spring fed tributary which enters the Blitzen about 4 miles below the Page Springs Campground (presently requires about a 3 mile walk along the East refuge road due to canal construction and maintenance) can offer fantastic fishing for large redbands in the meadow section. Upstream, where the BLM land starts, the stream becomes much brushier and difficult and the fish are smaller but extremely numerous.

Probably, the most popular section of the main Blitzen and most often fished is from Page Springs upstream to Fish Creek. The river is large in this section and can be un-wadeable during high runoff but tames significantly during the summer and through the winter. Most people fish up to the low gauging dam about 1 mile above Page Springs where a small section of backed up water behind this dam seems to be the destination. The best fishing, however, is usually above this area but it can be good near the campground as well. It appears most fisherman are practicing catch and release during all seasons since trout numbers are holding up well without a hatchery release program.

Some extremely bad roads can access the upper and middle Blitzen River and to attempt these roads with anything but a suitable four-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance is foolhardy. None of these roads goes right to the river (some have been closed out right and others closed a distance back from the river because of the new wilderness designation for much of the High Steens and Blitzen River Watershed) but usually give access in reasonable proximity.

When traveling along the Blitzen, as it is in all areas of Eastern Oregon, watch for rattlesnakes. I have never had a problem with them in this area, but they are there and a careless individual can get himself or herself in trouble.

The Blitzen above Ankle Creek returns to a meadow stream and can often be very good fishing although the fish are generally smaller. The section from Ankle Creek to Big Springs is often difficult going since the riverbank, although having some meadow sections is often bordered by nearly impenetrable brush. If you cannot wade down the river in the brushy sections it is often a scramble across rock scree to bypass them. The difficult going, however, rewards you with some extremely good fishing with no fear of being crowded by other fishermen or women.

The Little Blitzen and Big Indian Creek can be accessed from the South campground area along the Loop Road. Both of these streams are small with trail access and both have beautiful upper meadow sections. The number and size of the trout these small streams hold often reward fisherman and women. As well as the fish the wildflower show in both streams upper meadows make the walk in worthwhile.

Following a trail down Little Blitzen River can access the Main Blitzen. There is a road going north just to the west of the South Campground that accesses the Riddle Ranch and the lower section of the Little Blitzen. This road is often gaited a mile or so from the old ranch. There is a caretaker at the house at the end of the road who usually enjoys your company and conversation. Several miles down the Little Blitzen from the caretakers cabin is the junction with the Main Blitzen. Access is good along the river for about one-half mile downstream and several hundred yards upstream. Fishing can be good anytime but best when the sun is off the water when the weather is warm and sunny. Trout in this section usually run in the 10" to 12' size but much larger ones are frequently landed. Fly patterns vary with what's hatching but a large black Woolly-Bugger is always a good bet especially if it is drug by overhanging banks or trees in the water.

The Blitzen system offers magnificent fishing on enough occasions to make the trip worthwhile. Take Hwy 20 to Burns and then south on 205 to Frenchglen. There is a store at Frenchglen and the old Hotel offers meals for borders and travelers alike although the dining area is limited and boarding house style. The meals however are good and reasonably priced. Gasoline is available at the store but beware it is expensive. Steens Mountain Resort has lodging and is located near the Page Springs Camp Ground. A small Latte stand is also available in Fernchglen across from the hotel if you are so inclined. Take note that most of these Frenchglen services may not be open during the winter months.

Page Springs is several miles from Frenchglen on the Loop Road. Access to the South campground and the upper Blitzen areas is off 205 about ten miles South of Frenchglen where the South Loop Road, marked by a new kiosk, heads east. Watch for this road south of the highway to the Hart Mountain Refuge.

The Loop Road offers spectacular views of upper Steens Mou8ntain and is usually open from June till October but varies by yearly snowfall. With care the whole loop can be negotiated with a passenger car but a several mile section in the vicinity of the Rooster Comb on the South end is very rough and many people prefer not to travel it. Access from the North end (Frenchglen) is gradual and smooth and offers no problems.

There are numerous small streams in the Steens area that are enticing to fish. Be sure to check your regulations to assure yourself that the stream is actually open to fishing. Many are closed for protection of native Lahontan Cutthroat populations.

If you have not been to the Steens area in the last several years or are new to the area, please be advised that the new Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protective Area Act has changed usage of many roads and areas. It is Best to check with the Burns BLM if you are in doubt about any use or access. Treat the land well, practice catch and release, and respect public and private property.

Bureau of Land Management
Burns District Office
HC 73, 12533 Highway 20 West
Hines, Oregon 97738
(503) 573-4400
For fisheries issues contact the ODFW Hines office 1-541-573-6582, Wayne Bowers or the Bend ODFW at 541-388-6363 for details.

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Central Oregon Flyfishers has a long tradition of volunteerism. We are involved in projects that are entirely our own and we are involved in projects that are overseen and coordinated by various government agencies. The major agency that we are involved with is a known as STEP; the Salmon Trout Enhancement Program. Since 1980 STEP has been a part of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and exists as a means for coordinating citizen volunteers. There will be more about STEP in particular in future newsletters.

The level of COF's volunteer efforts has in the past been significant enough to warrant recognition on local, state even national levels. We have helped in efforts to restore wetlands, improve riparian habitat, improve fish spawning conditions, improve and retain fishing access, clean up stream banks, educate both young and old, survey fish populations, and the list goes on.

These projects, whether they are simple half day one time events, or year long ongoing efforts, are all things that help to improve either the quality of our fisheries, or the level of understanding of the men, women, and children that utilize those fisheries. The work of the volunteer is rewarding work. That reward may be the joyful shout of a child catching their first fish, or seeing rising fish in a pool formed by logs that you helped to place in the stream. Sometimes the reward is becoming aquatinted of someone that later becomes a fishing partner. For some it is just knowing that they have given something back to the resource that gives so much to them.

In future month's articles we are hoping to make the readers of this newsletter more aware of the volunteer aspect of COF. We are frankly hoping that some readers will consider becoming involved. A project of a thousand man-hours begins with the first volunteer.

Some of our projects come into existence because a club member thought of something that "ought to be done". Many years ago someone that was later to become a club member was fishing on Tumalo Creek saw a need for some habitat work. The ODFW person that he talked to said that Central Oregon Flyfishers might be a conduit for such a project. The man joined the club and soon afterwards COF began the first of a series of projects to improve the fisheries of Tumalo Creek.

The trivia question for the month is: Who was the guy responsible for the first Tumalo Creek project?

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Remembering Friends

The Central Oregon Flyfishers wish to extend their sympathies
to the families of Warner Hodge and Brian McGie.

Tears Of Remembrance

Cry not your tears, for me,
upon my death,
for I will be as blind and not see them

And, sob not your heartfelt sobs, for me,
upon my death,
for I will be as deaf and not hear them

But remember instead, for me,
our good times together,
for I shall be as a baby and feel them

And through them I will continue to live,
until we join together
in the everlasting forever

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Last Chance to Order Vest

If you haven't been to a meeting recently you've missed the vest that is available for our members. This is a reversible vest that is rip-stop nylon on one side and arctic fleece on the other. The vest also has the Club logo stitched in on the left front (not a patch) and your name on the right, has pockets on both sides and works well for fly fishing.

The last chance to order will be at the February meeting, or you can call or email Bob Griffin today for price information. Call Bob 541- 389-2070 or e-mail

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Wanted: Laptop Computer

We are looking for a laptop computer for Club purposes. This computer will be used to store all of the Club information and to present Club information on various programs using Power Point. If you, or someone you know, is trying to figure out what to do with a used laptop, and would consider donating it to the Club, contact Phil Hager for more info. Remember that COF is a non-profit organization so the donation is tax deductible

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Internet Stuff



E-MAIL is:

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422
  • Central Oregon Outdoors, 1502 SW Odem, 504-0372


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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2002 COF Officers & Board Members


PRESIDENT - Phil Hager
TREASURER - Viki Ramming
SECRETARY - Harry Harbin

Board Members

Art McEldowney
Ron Anderson
Bill Lundy
Gene McMullen
Tom Philiben
Harry Harbin
Dan Driskill
Vicki Ramming
Earl Rettig
Phil Hager
Hank Sailor
Mark Reisinger

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COF Committees

AMBASSADORS - Doyle Goolsby
AWARDS - Rex Harrison, Don Johnston
BANQUET - Tom Philiben, Dennis McMahon
ENTOMOLOGY - John Anderson
FLY TYING EXPO - Bill Lundy, Dan Driskill
HISTORIAN - Rex Harrison
INSTRUCTION - Gordon Chandler
LIBRARIAN - Gordon Chandler
NATIONAL FISHING DAY - T. Philiben, P. Hager
OUTINGS - Hank Sailor
PROGRAMS - Dave McNall, Gene McMullen
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Phil Hager, Harry Harbin
RAFFLES - Ken Stringer
WEBSITE - Gordon Chandler
WELCOME - Hank Sailor

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