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June 2001

Callibaetis mayflies and Warner Hodge
Davis Lake May 25 2001
photos by Gordon Chandler

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Random Casts

Andy Rooney said it best: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the faster it goes. It's June already and I've been fishing about 10 times, but it's been worth it. Fish dissection classes, Angler Education classes, posting regulation changes for ODF&W and too many other "things" to list. The good part is we still have lots more to do and it's worth every minute that it takes. Like I said at the May meeting the time spent by members of COF, SRA and the high school volunteers at the Kids Angling Clinic totaled nearly $15,000 in "true value" for the ODF&W

We do have several other "events" this month that will need volunteers. On Saturday, the 9th, it's Free Fishing Day for kids at Wizard Falls pond. You've got to come out for that one. All it takes is to see one 8 year old catching a 4 or 5 pound fish to make that day worthwhile. Let Tom Philiben or me know if you can help out.

Another "event" for June is the Mt. View Mall Outdoor show on the 23rd & 24th from 11 AM to 6 PM. I'll need some help there at the COF info booth, some folks to do some fly tying (1 or 2 at a time from 12-4) and some help on casting demos. Call me if you are available.

Fishing tidbit from Davis Lake. I caught a 23" BULL TROUT there on May 12th that appeared different from what I'm used to on the Metolius, so, to make sure that was what it was, I went to ODF&W on the 13th. It was a Bull, and Ted was real interested in that fact. I got the impression that he would like more info on any that are caught there. So if you catch a Bull Trout at Davis (with a claw scar on the left side between the gill cover and the pectoral fin it's the one I caught) call or drop by the ODF&W office and let Ted know.

See you at one of the events, projects, Club meeting or the Outing.

Phil @ COF

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Upstream Events


Thursday 6/1
COF Board Meeting 7 PM - At the environmental Center
Saturday 6/9
National fishing week and kids free fishing day - Wizard Falls. Contact Phil Hager or Tom Philiben
Saturday 6/9
Bend parks Fly-Casting class at the Crooked River with Gordon Chandler
Wednesday 6/20
COF Monthly Meeting at The Central Oregon Board of Realtors - Brian O'Keefe presentation
Saturday and Sunday 6/23, 6/24
The Mountain View Mall All Sports Show - 11 AM to 6 PM, COF booth, casting and fly tying. Contact Phil Hager


Thursday 7/5
COF Board Meeting 7PM at the Environmental Center
Saturday 7/7
High Lakes Fish Stocking
Monday 7/9
Basic Fly Fishing Classes
Monday evenings, July 9, 16, 23, & 30 from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM
Saturday, August 4th - all day (9 to 5).
Monday thru Friday 7/16 thru 7/20
Malheur River/Lake Basin Fish Inventory Camping Project
Wednesday 7/18
COF Monthly Meeting at the Central Oregon Board of Realtors
Monday thru Friday 7/23 thru7/27
John Day Bull Trout Inventory camping project

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New COF Members!

Here is a list of our new COF Members for this month:
  • Michael and Betty McKee
  • Peter and Joane Jones
  • Bill and Ruth Bancroft
  • Rebecca Warner and Paul Uusitalo
  • Robert and Lennis Curtis
  • Doug Brady
Let's all introduce ourselves to these new members at our next Meeting and invite them to go fishing at the next opportunity.

New Members do not forget to pick up your copy of "Harry Teal's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon" from Bill Lundy at the "Welcome Table" at our next Monthly Meeting.

See you all there.

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June COF Program

This is the program we've all been waiting for - per special request from our members survey, COF member Brian O'Keefe has put together a never seen before customized program for us. Brian will start the program with an entry-level discussion of flyfishing and concentrate on Oregon waters. The focus will be flyfishing for the fun of it and include topics like reading the water, how to float tube lakes and seasonal hatches. There will be some bonus (he mentioned "extra credit") photos at the end to entice even our most world traveled veterans to attend. If you have not seen an O'Keefe program you have not witnessed the standard by which all other outdoor programs are judged. There are few appropriately labeled "living legends" in our flyfishing world and none as young as Brian. He has done at least (4) programs for us and if you have not seen one they are the high fish filled watermark by which others are judged. FFF master certified fly casting instructor, world record fly caught tarpon holder, world traveled (usually the first in uncharted water) salt and fresh water explorer.... For a more complete Bio see "Fish & Fly" Spring 2001.

We will have a special introduction for Brian that is a take-off from his annual banquet dinner '98 intro - if you were at the last meeting you know what to do, if not follow along.

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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Safety Reminder

Just a quick reminder for everyone that hasn't heard it lately: wear, or carry, a Class III Personal Flotation Device when using a flotation device for fishing. Failure to do so can result in a citation that costs $185.00.

It appears, from several different sources, that various Police agencies have become very aggressive in writing citations to those fishing and not having a Lifejacket with them while on a flotation device. These devices start with a good old "doughnut" type float tube and include all types of "float tubes", kick boats, pontoon boats and "regular" boats.

Most of the local shops have various types available, but none carry the belt type tethered inflatables. Those, and an inexpensive vest type with four pockets, are available through Cabela's. To contact them on the web checkout or you can call them at 1-800-237-4444. The 24.95 dollar model is called the Pro Fisherman Vest and the order # is BB-94-1071, the belt type is made by Sospenders, is $69.95 and the order # is BB-94-1280.

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Conservation Column

Additional ODFW Projects

There are many more projects requiring volunteers offered by the ODFW in the Malheur and the Ochoco Districts that COF cannot list on their Calendar. No sign-up sheets will be circulated at the general Meetings for these additional projects. However, COF has the information and if there is something of particular interest to an individual the information can be provided by the Conservation Chairman, Tommie Speik 541-385-0445.

The ODFW projects that require a number of volunteers are already listed on the COF calendar and we will actively recruit for these projects and any "special" ODFW projects. Even though COF has a large pool of volunteers from which to draw, the Members can be and are overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done; and the result so far, for 2001, has been a decline in the numbers offering to help on the traditional events.

There were 9 other ODFW projects listed between April 12 and May 17, however, we were not able to place them on the COF Calendar.

It is very important to sign up as early as possible for the camping projects or you may miss something that you really want to do. The ODFW plans for other agencies to help with projects and needs to know how many others to recruit. They also need to know how much food will be needed and how large a campsite will be needed.

These are the additional ODFW projects from June to October in which you may have an interest:

Upper and lower Mill Creek (Ochoco District) electrofishing June 5 and 6
Malheur Free Fishing Day June 9
Lower Crooked River Drift Boat ElectrofishingAug. 29
Upper Crooked River Drift Boat ElectrofishingAug. 30
Ochoco Reservoir Gillnet setsSept. 19, 20
Haystack Reservoir Gillnet sets Oct 8, 9
Posting and Maintaining Angling Regulations
Deschutes River Temperature Monitoring
Relaying Catch Information
Malheur Fish Stocking
Malheur River Weir/Trap Guard
Fall Gillnet Fish Inventories

I hope to see you enjoying yourself at one of the 40 plus projects.

--Tommie Speik, Conservation Chairman

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Dick Schwenk Memorial

What a nice day it was to replant the Dick Schwenk Memorial trees! On behalf of COF, I had selected five 1¼" to 1½" two year old Golden Willows at the Eastside Gardens Nursery. All of them were healthy and in 7 gal. pots. The Board approved the purchase for $250 and all that the planting committee had to do was take the trees to Mecca Flats on the Deschutes River and plant them.

The committee to replant the trees consisted of Dave McNall, Bob Griffin and Shadow, Bill Fuller (one of the original Members of the Club before it became COF), myself and Allen Yow, with the BLM from Maupin.

The original trees planted by Doyle and associates had suddenly gone "gunny sack" even though that first year they sprouted leaves and appeared like they would make it. "Wrong".

When it was obvious that they had died, someone removed the protective fencing and iron stakes from around each tree and sawed the dead trees down so that only 4" of the old stump remained.

I had visions of this little committee taking all day to plant and water the trees what with two comparatively young guys and two old men, Bill and myself. But I hadn't considered Bob's dog Shadow giving us constant moral support barks.

I had made arrangements for Allen Yow, with the BLM of Maupin to meet us at Mecca Flats at noon. We picked up the trees early and got down to Mecca Flats about 10 A. M. Shortly after we got there, Allen arrived with the new fencing and 20 more stakes to hold the fencing securely. But mostly the fencing was installed to prevent the beavers from celebrating "Cinco de Mayo" on our trees.

While our guys dug holes around the old stump, Allen and his truck winch on the front of his BLM truck, had the old stumps pulled out of the ground in nothing flat. We shoved the new trees into the freshly dug holes and proceeded to backfill the trees, followed by a generous bucket of Deschutes River water.

At every turn, Allen was in charge. He cut the fencing into two-foot diameter enclosures, laced up the fencing and pounded in the stakes. We followed by a bucket brigade, gave each a good drink and said goodbye to all five trees. Elapsed time for the entire project was only two hours.

No doubt Allen was the key to this effort. Never before have COF and BLM worked so keenly together with rewarding team efforts. Thank you Allen, you and BLM.

Allen was strong, aggressive, knew what he was doing and without him we probably would be there yet. Again, thanks to BLM and to Allen.

Clyde, "the guide".

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Dick Schwenk

I really can't remember when I first met Dick, I do remember our club was very small and only had a handful of members. It was mid summer and we were all out on the lawn practicing casting. Dick asked me where I learned to cast both accuracy and distance and I told him at the Portland Casting Club. That on one tournament weekend the one person who influenced my casting the most was a man from Seattle who couldn't cast in an Oregon tournament. He was also a member of the Seattle Casting Club and that his name was Ralph Littager.

Dick wouldn't believe what I told him. He said "Clyde, that was the same man who taught me to cast when I was a member of the Seattle Club". Talk about a small world, after that we fished together a lot.

Dick was the only person I knew who could sit in the center of an 8' - 0' pram - casting 60 feet to a rising trout on Crane, hook it and release it, and everyone who fishes Crane a lot, knows where Schwenk point is. We sure do.


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Submitted by Marty Rich on December 22, 1997

Marty: First I would like to insure you that the X code has nothing to do with sex, offensive language or violence. Rather, it refers to the size of the monofilament connected to your fly. This end section of your fly fishing gear is called the tippet. The tippet size numbering "X" code (3X, 5X, etc.) is one of those ways of grading things that that has been handed down over the years, sort of like shotgun barrel gauges.

First, like gauges of electrical wire and gauges of shotgun barrels, the larger the X number, the smaller the tippet diameter or size. So a 7X tippet is smaller than 4X tippet. Fly anglers like to talk about the size of the tippet instead of the strength or test of the line because strength varies for different kinds of monofilament and they are concerned that big tippets may spook the fish.

In general, the X code is very simple. Tippet material that is .011 inches (11 thousands of an inch) is 0X and for every thousands of an inch smaller the X code number goes up by one. So .010 inches (10 thousands) is 1X, 0.09 inches (9 thousands) is 2X all the way to .003 inches (3 thousands) is 8X. Another way to calculate the "X" factor is to subtract the size in thousands from 11. So .008 (11-8) equals 3X! With this knowledge, you can be sure that if you hear someone say that they caught a 30-pound striped bass on 7X they are probably stretching the truth (or narrowing the tippet).

There are some general rules for choosing different tippet sizes. If you use a tippet size that is too big, the monofilament is likely to make a delicate fly look unnatural. On the other hand, tippets that are too small may not allow you to cast a large fly properly. Therefore, for choosing tippet size, some fly anglers use the rule of 4. That is, if you are using a fly on a size 12 hook, divide the hook size by 4 and (12/4), and use a 3X tippet. Many fly anglers like to go a little light so maybe a 4X would be OK too for a size 12 fly. I hope this helps the next time someone is "talking fly fishing."

(Comments from Jim Abbs). Article from FFF Clubwire, January 2001.

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Beginning Fly Fishing Classes

Central Oregon Flyfishers will teach a beginning fly fishing class this summer. The class consists of 5 "lessons" The dates and times are as follows:
Monday evenings, July 9, 16, 23, & 30 from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM
Saturday, August 4th - all day (9 to 5).

The Monday evening classes meet at the Shevlin Park pond (Aspen Hall for the first Monday) and the Saturday class meets on the Crooked River. Sign-up is through Bend Metro Parks and Rec. The classes are taught by COF volunteers and the proceeds go to the club. If you have friends or relatives that would like to learn to fly fish this is a good way to pick up the basics and the cost for folks living in the district is only $35. If you would like to become involved in helping to teach these classes please call or e-mail Gordon Chandler at 383-2999 or

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Look At The Way We Live!

"Look at the way we live. Take a good, long look. These are the rewards of outdoor life, son, sad and paltry as they are. Take up the fly rod and the shotgun, and before you know it, you're an outcast, a social leper, rejected by your family, despised by your neighbors, mistrusted by your community. Unaware that your soul is quite safe, in the best of company, your church will pity you, pray mightily for your redemption from hideous sin. The final question is, should any man turn his back on ambition, profit, security and a parking place in the city, just to pursue fish!"

Albert jumped up, shook his fist at the ceiling, "And look at Elias Wonder. Yeah, take a gander at that buzzard. Forty years ago he was happy, generous, charitable, tall, dark and handsome. Then he took up the fly rod. Now consider him. Uglier than fresh road kill. Evil-eyed, cantankerous, sullen, mean. An anti-social misfit that causes a groundswell of spleen wherever he goes. Consider him well. Should a man abandon success just to pursue fish?"

Then he bolted for the door, yelling, "Yes, but only if it's for trout!"

(From "The Earth is Enough" by Harry Middleton. 1996 Pruett Publishing Co. Found in The Hook by Lower Umpqua Flycasters).

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Internet Stuff



E-MAIL is:

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Please remember to let COF know if there is any change in your e-mail address, your mailing address or your phone number. It makes it much easier to contact you, whenever it may be necessary, if you keep us up to date. Thanks.

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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Board Members


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