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June 2002

Harry Harbin helping a student
Spring COF Fly Fishing Class

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Random Casts

A quick favor to ask of everyone that takes the time to read the Newsletter, please let me know two things: First, if your email address has changed send me the new one and, Second; if you wish to save some paper and receive it by email, let me know. There are a number of addresses that I get back as no longer working and I need the update. You can send the info to me at Thanks, and on to other things.

Fishing, in a strange way, reminds me a lot of some politicians and they're practices. You never seem to get the same thing twice in a row. I was recently in the Folley waters area with Steve S. and had a great day. The Browns were hitting on a real consistent basis and even got into a few big ones that broke 4 pound tippet material while seeing no Rainbows. Two days later, in the same holes using the same flies, there was no response from the Browns, but lots of 8-12" Rainbows. Kind of like the politicians that say they back something on Monday but vote against it on Tuesday. With the warming weather, and the clearing of some of the trails, it will soon be time to try some of those 138 lakes that we don't usually fish. When that starts you can expect to get regular reports at the monthly meetings regarding access, fishing results, what worked best and who all went. Some of the people that I've talked to that have been to some of those lakes in the past have said there are some good sized fish in some of those lakes, we'll let you know which ones. If you want to travel along give me a call and, if you don't have the list but have internet, you can look at the list on line at As things develop we will also add the lakes on the other side of the Cascades and the local fly list to the site too. Thank Gordon C. for that one.

Finally, the more local knowledge side of the meetings will continue this month. Look elsewhere in the newsletter for the plans for this meeting. If you want to know more about a couple of flies, get a few tips on tying flies, or just want to watch people tie some flies, be at the meeting early. There will be at least two, and possibly more, doing a little fly tying starting at 6 and running to about 6:45. If April was any indication of the turnout possible for more local knowledge, be there early. Doors will open about 5:45.

See you at the meeting.

Phil @ COF

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Upstream Events

June 8th Free Fishing Day at the Wizard Falls Fish Clinic .
Contact Gene McMullen 312-8939 or for more information
July 23-26 Camping Project South Fork of the John Day River
Estimate Rainbow Trout densities in Deer and SF Murderers Creek Contact Tim Unterwegner, ODFW John Day, 541-575-1167, or Patty Bowers, ODFW (Retired) at Hines office 541-573-6582. Contact Gene McMullen 312-8939 or for more information.
September 24-26. South Fork Crooked River population sampling
Contact Brett Hodgson, ODFW Prineville 541-447-5111 or email to And contact Gene McMullen 312-8939 or for more information.

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June Program


We will have some of our knowledgeable members give up a few of their secrets in June. Gene McMullen will discuss fishing in the Ochoco Mountains in Deep Creek and North Fork of the Crooked. The Ochocos always provide a beautiful get away, and there are virtually no crowds. We will also have a description by several members of their fly tying vices. The information will be useful for those beginning tyers and for those experienced tyers who may want to use a more capable vice. Phil Hager will have more information on the stocked lakes in our local Cascades. The information will be very current as he has been fishing as many lakes as he can. We will have time for questions too, so DO NOT BE SHY!

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Free Fishing Day

Free Fishing Day at the Wizard Falls Fish Clinic on June 8th will have a spin casting contest. Scott Cotter could use a few extra COF volunteers to assist with the hooks and ladders game (Spring Angling Clinic style) if any members are available and not already working other events on that day. The t-shirts that volunteers will get look very nice and there is likely to be a barbeque afterwards for volunteers.

Please contact Scott Carter at or call 549-8874 if you can help. Or you can contact Gene McMullen. His email is

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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Conservation News

Congratulations go to Sun River Anglers and Jim Meyer for organizing a successful fin clipping volunteer project at Fall River Hatchery. The adipose fin was trimmed from many thousands of juvenile rainbows that were spawned from eggs taken native trout spawning in the Deschutes above Crane Prairie Reservoir.

Central Oregon Flyfishers donated many hours to this project as well and were so efficient that all the fish had been clipped by Thursday and the Friday crew wasn't needed. These clipped fish will be released into Crane Prairie Reservoir. Fall River also hires paid fin clippers. Next year they are thinking of mixing the paid personnel with the volunteers.

Deep Creek Surveys

On April 25 and 29th a brave group of Central Oregon Flyfishers fished Deep Creek in the Ochocos. Deep Creek enters the North Fork Crooked River several miles below Big Summit Parry. It is thought that Deep Creek is a nursery stream that provides the spawning area necessary for native redband reproduction in the North Fork system. To monitor movement of these fish, it was planned that we brave fishermen would catch a lot of trout and the biologists would tag them. They then would be returned to the stream and monitored using a radio receiver from the banks and from the air. This way it could be determined where these fish go. The only trouble was that all seven of us could not catch any fish, not a single fish in some 40 man hours of fishing. The biologists then reverted to electro-shocking with very limited success. (Deep Creek has always been a stream with large numbers of trout) Several days later the biologist electro-shocked section of the North Fork below Deep Creek with very limited success and upstream on Deep Creek at Double Corral where the numbers appeared to be comparable to past years.

Similar problems were found in the South Fork Crooked last fall and Antelope Flat Reservoir this spring. Deep Creek and the North Fork are strictly wild fish streams while the South Fork and Antelope Flat are stocked systems using hatchery trout so there does not appear to be a correlation between wild and hatchery in this instance.

The lack of fish is puzzling and it is hoped that last years drought did not decimate the trout populations in these streams and reservoirs. Those of us who fish these waters will let you know what we find this summer.

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The Crooked River Outing in April was a smashing success with 35 attending. Dr. John Anderson got everybody identifying the "BUGS" in the river--Thanks--John for a great job. Then Dennis Robert, Central Oregon Fly Shop guide, got us ready to hit the stream with some great techniques and money saving ideas. We owe Central Oregon Fly Shop a big thank you for their participation in our first official outing of the year. And another BIG thank you to all the experienced fly fishers who gave so generously to the newer Flyfishers with their help and assistance--" It was a very good thing".

The Flyfishers who attended were: Dave Chaney, Gene Mc Mullen, John Anderson, Steve Williams, Lloyd Geraths, Nancy Williams, Richard Flint, John and Cindy Hossick, Bill Cushman, Frank McKim, Steve and Nancy Sheldon, Jay Cushman, Phil Hager, Carl Sanders, Steve Nicholson, Harry Harbin, Dave Dunahay, Kurt Boettger, Marie Vandareer, Earl Rettig, Brad and Joy Turnbull, Al Rappel, Jim Pease, Larry Haas, Dave Mitchell, Russ Christensen, Mike Carter, Jerry Hayes, Dennis McMahon, Dick Braaten, on Walp, Tom Daniels and Dan Driskill, your VP And Outings Chairperson.

The Davis Lake Outing held on May 25th was a time of good fellowship, but fishing was only so-so. The lake is in the process of turning over with an algae bloom that made for tough fishing. Even so a couple of nice 20" to 22" beauties were brought to net, which holds promise for this beautiful lake as the season progresses.

Bob Gaviglio, owner of the SunRiver Fly Shop, gave an excellent talk about lines, leaders and flies. Bob also gave casting and retrieval techniques which many old timers and novices found valuable. So as the saying goes "you should have been there".

The Central Oregon Flyfishers members who participated where Tom Philiben, Kevin Witt, Kevin and Nate Todd, Neal Buxton, Dave Mitchell, Tom MacDougall, Rex Harrison, Jim Newcomb, Ron Walp, Jim Moore, Frank McKim, Steve Sheldon, Phil Hager and yours truly, Dan Driskill. A special thank you to all who made this a successful outing. The next Outing will be the Upper Deschutes, June 22.

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Forest Service Puts Finishing Touches on Canyon Creek Crossing

by Scott Cotter

Canyon Creek is an important rearing and spawning stream for Metolius basin bull trout. In 2000 Forest Service fishery biologists determined that an old bridge crossing located approximately three miles upstream from the mouth of Canyon Creek was contributing sediment and constricting the stream channel. Unrestricted crossing by horses and near stream off-road vehicle trails were contributing additional sediment. High amounts of fine sediment can suffocate young trout eggs and fry, and can fill in spaces between cobbles along the stream bottom that are important to aquatic insects.

Soon after recognizing the need for action, the Forest Service developed a plan and sought public input to consolidate the multiple horse crossings at one location, while closing off a network of undesignated, user-created trails and crossings.

The purpose of the project was to reduce fine sediment input, provide shade, and reduce potential trampling of bull trout spawning nests called redds. The Oregon Army National Guard removed old road fill material at the crossing, allowing the stream to once again naturally reconnect to its floodplain, and added large wood to provide juvenile bull trout rearing habitat. Approach roads were rehabilitated by "subsoiling" which relieves compacted soils, naturalized with large wood, and subsequently planted with native vegetation. Crews assisting in the work included the Deschutes County Corrections Crew, the Youth Conservation Corps, and the Curlew Job Corps. Overall, the project is expected to directly benefit bull trout and other aquatic life in Canyon Creek.

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Spring Whispers From The Dustdevil

by Wayne Bowers

With my pending retirement this will be my last letter to the club as a District Fish Biologist for ODFW. Now, as a continuing member of COF I am looking forward to participating more in club activities with those of you I have already spent time with and making new fishing friends with some of the rest of you.

I also want to take the opportunity once again, to say thanks for all of the volunteer help club members have given to the Malheur Fish District over the years. We have shared bee stings and mosquito bites, hot summer sun and cold fall snows, good food and tall tales around the campfire and lots of dust. We have camped and worked together on fish population and genetic sampling on Silver Creek, streams of the Silvies River, and Malheur River basins, the Donner und Blitzen River and its tributaries - Bridge Creek, Mud Creek, Little Blitzen River, Big Indian Creek, South Fork Blitzen and Deep and Ankle creeks. We have camped at the Bog Hole and Willow Hotsprings and worked in the remote Lahontan cutthroat trout streams of the Trout Creek Mountains. We have strung juniper riprap on cutbanks of the Blitzen River near P Ranch, hiked the bull trout streams of the Malheur River basin looking for spawning bull trout and boated the Owyhee River. You have helped generate enthusiasm for fish and fishing in younger generations by delivering fish eggs to classrooms around the district and helping teachers set up classroom incubators and by helping out at Free Fishing Day activities.

I have appreciated the notes and emails from some of you letting me know what you caught as you fished the lakes, ponds, rivers and streams of the southeast corner of Oregon. There are only 2 of us biologists in the district with the job of keeping tabs on the fisheries resources in about 21,000 square miles so we don't get into all of the corners very often.

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La Rivere Des Chutes
A River With A Heart

by Scott Cotter

From Little Lava Lake to the Interstate few know it better than I.
Many a fish, many a fight it all begins in July.
Every late summer come a thousand and one steelhead bright from the sea.
This river is fast there's no getting past Colorado or Whitehorse you'll see.
With a big splash gallons amass as determined as she'll ever be.
Fine time getting wet you'll never regret when it's a scorching hundred and three.
Held up in pools foraging in schools young and old alike.
Two year, three year, and Idaho B's it's a fight getting over that dike.
There were more then in 1810 before the white man gave it a like.
From Lewis & Clark to Celilo Park we've taken away all of its might.
"La Rivere des Chutes" it's a grand sight yet we've covered up all of its clues. For
centuries before a culture and lore rich in respect and dues.
A time before Cascades and lore, basalts
inundated this land.
Earthquakes, faults, and floods were news a part of the master plan.
In the name of fun we sit in the sun powered by jet skies and like.
Immersed in the now we fail to see how our actions are sure to ignite.
A stampede of critters so small and so wise all of the scientists surmise.
That even if money could cure our ills there would be no hope in sight.
With all our big lakes we regulate activities for everyone
surely someday we'll force her to bite. No river, no fun, and no sun.
Before that day comes I'll know in my lungs the natives had it all right.
To take without giving there's no point in living
we may as well call it a night.
Swift gurgling brooks
demand second looks Mount Jefferson and Black Butte in sight.
On account of the bend's and a lack of friends
the Metolius now a lost sight.
Named for the river this community of sinners, surrounding ranches alike,
Have demanded their take
no matter what stake to the fishes that once roamed in might.
It's a sad case the Metolius rat race the lower Deschutes as well.
Talk now circulates of this roadless place opened to autos, just swell.
To hike is to like it's a wondrous sight as uncommon a place as you'll find.
Nighthawk on a post rattler up close all will help make up your mind.
This place is worth saving not just for gaming, but for all to enjoy.
If no other place can survive our fast pace except for this one last joy.
Then what should you fear a story you'll hear of just one little lad.
Scores of rafts, pollution and trash though it's not all bad.
The fish are here still though it takes quite a
skill to negotiate all of those dams.
Fishing for fun his day in the sun better than digging for clams.
From the California coast those swabbies boast not a river without future plans.
How can it be in the land of the free that we've built all those dad-burned dams

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For Sale

Hobie Cat-75
Great Pontoon Boat
Wt. 33 pounds
75"x46.25" 350 lb. Capacity
Original price $850.00 will sell to club members for $399.00
Call Bob Gaviglio 541-593-8814

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Internet Stuff

Some interesting links
Eastern Oregon STEP Page is
From Susan Halblom, FFF VP of Education - a website with lots of links
YourRiver - Educational and up to date information
Waterworkswonders - A Fish Species Reference of 188 fish gives information and drawings of each type. It includes descriptions and life cycles, where they live, what they eat and much more on each type of fish.
Scott Cotter, a member of COF

COF Links:



E-MAIL is:

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2002 COF Officers & Board Members


PRESIDENT - Phil Hager
TREASURER - Viki Ramming
SECRETARY - Harry Harbin

Board Members

Art McEldowney
Ron Anderson
Bill Lundy
Gene McMullen
Tom Philiben
Harry Harbin
Dan Driskill
Vicki Ramming
Earl Rettig
Phil Hager
Hank Sailor
Mark Reisinger

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COF Committees

AMBASSADORS - Doyle Goolsby
AWARDS - Rex Harrison, Don Johnston
BANQUET - Tom Philiben, Dennis McMahon
ENTOMOLOGY - John Anderson
FLY TYING EXPO - Bill Lundy, Dan Driskill
HISTORIAN - Rex Harrison
INSTRUCTION - Gordon Chandler
LIBRARIAN - Gordon Chandler
NATIONAL FISHING DAY - T. Philiben, P. Hager
OUTINGS - Hank Sailor
PROGRAMS - Dave McNall, Gene McMullen
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Phil Hager, Harry Harbin
RAFFLES - Ken Stringer
WEBSITE - Gordon Chandler
WELCOME - Hank Sailor

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