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March 2002

Photos by Art McEldowney

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Random Casts

If you missed the Feb. meeting, with Rick Hafele, too bad. Lots of great info and tips on having successful fishing days. "Ya really shoulda been there." is all I can say.

It's that busy time of the year again with lots of projects taking place. March 7th thru the 10th it's the kids fishing pond at the Central Oregon Sports and Rec Show, April 13th will be the COF "Fishing Central Oregon Expo" fundraiser and during all of that there is the usual fish eggs to fry releases, dissection classes, Redd counts, monitoring the salmon in the Metolius and getting ready for the Spring Kids Angling Clinic. With all of that it's also about time for Dan to start the Club Outings. Watch the newsletter for more info on those.

Bad news. For those that missed the meeting we received an email from Patty Bowers that she will be retiring effective June 1. Now the big question looming is "how can we help the local ODFW in their efforts to find a replacement that will help us to continue providing Youth Education"? Patty has backed off somewhat in her direct involvement with us, but we will still need lots of assist in securing things like the eggs for the fish eggs to fry program(s), fish for the fish dissection classes and, above all else, someone to maintain the S. T. E. P. program east of the Cascades. We'll keep you informed on this as it proceeds.

Welcome to all of the new members and, based on surveys and the boxes you checked on the membership form, several things are in the works to increase local knowledge, etc. For one thing Bob Griffin is putting together some fly tying classes at the Enviro center, free. I'll be putting out a "Find a Partner" list starting at the March meeting and, for those that have internet, logging lots more fishing reports on the COF home page fishing reports. If more of the members do this we can all have a little better time on our fishing trips.

One final thought, and I'll try to not be "political" on this, is the current water resources discussions going on in the area. Drive up to Pringle Falls and check out the flow there. When I checked it out on Saturday, Feb. 23rd, the flow was low enough you could step across the river at the tops of the "falls" and not get your feet wet. Don't count on anything but Browns in that section this summer.

Another area of concern is the plan for the Cogentrix power plant, and the effects it could have on the "climate" type and pollution levels in Central Oregon, and concerns about the Deschutes river flow.

Still another area is the irrigation systems, water rights mitigation and what will happen to the "middle Deschutes" between Bend and Lake Billy Chinook. It's up to each of us to become informed about these issues and take appropriate action. Please do so.

Phil @ COF

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Upstream Events


Saturday 3/2 COF Annual Banquet,
Bend Boys and Girls Club, social time 6 PM, Dinner 7:15 PM
Thursday, 3/7 COF Board Meeting
7 PM at the Environmental Center in Bend
Thursday, 3/7 - Sunday, 3/10
C O Sports and Rec Show Kids Fishing Pond
Wednesday, 3/20 COF General Meeting
"A Healthy Middle Deschutes River" is the subject.
Wednesday, 3/27, 4/24, 6/5
Metolius redd counts. Contact Gene McMullen or Scott Cotter of USFS Sisters Ranger District or 541- 549-7700


Saturday, 4/13
"COF Fishing Central Oregon Expo" fundraiser

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New COF Members!

  • Adam and Lori Skinner
  • Parke Miller
  • David and Wendi Pond
  • Vic Hadley
  • Carole Munson
  • Ben Simpson
  • John and Cindy Hossick
  • Brad and Judy Turnbull
  • Alton and Colleen Rappell
RENEWALS: welcome back
  • Craig and Marika Achatz
  • Lloyd and Gloria Geraths
  • Bruce and Jodie Bishof
Lets show all of these new members a big welcome and introduce yourselves to them at the next meeting in March. Share your thoughts and adventures and see if you can make plans to take them fishing as soon as possible.

New members please don't forget to pick up your copy of "Harry Teal's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon" from Dan and Bill's Welcome Table at the next meeting. We are all glad to have you join us.

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March Program

"A Healthy Middle Deschutes River" is the subject for the March program. Rex Barber, Jr. and Roger Prowell will present "Mitigation Process for the Deschutes River, Bend to Lake Billy Chinook". Rex is a farmer in the Lower Bridge area, and Roger is Water Resource Coordinator for the City of Bend. Both are members of the Deschutes Basin Steering Committee, and advisory group for State Water Resources Division. This presentation will give us the down home information about our water, our river's quality, and how we can advocate for healthy rivers. Bring your questions! Rex and Roger will answer them.

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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March Tips & Tricks

Tip from Jerry Honl
Are your arms getting too short? Are they making the eyes on the hooks smaller than they used to? Having a problem getting your tippet thru those itsy bitsy teeny weenie eyes?

Try this: The next time you cut your tippet material try cutting it at a long angle instead of straight across. This makes for a much "smaller" piece of line to start thru that eye making it much easier to get it thru.

Jerry H.

Tip from Rick Hafele

How frustrating is it to be "fishing the hatch" and nothing seems to see your fly among the millions of others. A real simple process is to cast your DRY fly out there and do a sub-surface wet recovery. This makes the fly stand out to the fish and makes it more attractive at the same time. Quite often, regardless of the hatch, this works well with the Elk Hair Caddis about the same size as what's hatching. It also works really well during a Salmon Fly hatch because fish don't really prefer them. Try it next time and see what happens.

Rick H.

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Fishing Central Oregon Expo

On Saturday April 13th, from 10 AM - 4 PM, COF will be holding a big fundraiser and info day at Pilot Butte Middle School. Along with the fundraiser there will be ODFW Biologists there to give reports on what to expect in the upcoming fishing season, we'll be doing a little fly tying, there will be a casting pond and food will be available.

If you have something you want to sell on consignment, or donate to the Club to sell or raffle off, you can call Phil Hager at 317-1075. Those selling on consignment will be given ID numbers for their items to identify them at sale time. Those donating items will be given receipts for tax purposes.

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Conservation News

Want to meet some new friends or enjoy some time with old ones? Want to have some fun and feel like you are helping the resource. Then volunteer for some conservation related projects that should be coming on board during March. ODFW, The Forest Service and BLM and other local resource groups often need volunteers to help in various projects.

Volunteer opportunities will be published in the newsletter and copies will available at the monthly meetings. These are opportunities to be involved with local projects affecting our fisheries and wildlife. Often times, without volunteer support, important projects cannot be accomplished.

If you have any questions please contact our President Phil Hager or myself.

Gene McMullen
22285 White Peaks Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702
(541) 312-8939

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Voting With Your Dollars

"The dog ate my renewal application", "the market took all my disposable income", "I forgot" - actually none of the above.

I will not be paying my COF dues this year as a protest for the increase in dues from $25. I have friends in the club who disagree with my position and at least one mentioned that I should make my views public. First off I think the club is one of the most valuable assets for flyfishers in the country and prior (and I'm sure future) projects enhance our sport far more than the now $36 membership (admittedly my fault for waiting too long - I wanted to see if the annual banquet was one I couldn't miss, I will be at Mann Lake instead.)

I attended the board meeting when the discussion of dues increase was being voted upon and mentioned that I had personal experience with some who have asked if they could pay by the month. The more curious question is why do we need to increase them when we have twice as many members as 3 years ago? Programs had been the single largest expense in '99 at $1.70/dues unit/meeting - 80% of dues (see my article "where do your dues go" in a 1999-2000 newsletter.) Assuming 200 members we now budget $0.42/dues unit/meeting - 14% of dues. I understand that there is a question of whether I should be allowed to join the COF BC trip this year and I will respect that opinion - unless hearing dissenting views.

Dave McNall

Past President '98
Co-Fundraising Chair for Kokanee Karnival '98-'99
Programs Director '98-'00
BC Trip Coordinator '97-'99
Raffles and Annual Banquet '95-97
Board 97-00

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Metolius River Large Wood

by Scott Cotter

Annually, dead and dying trees are identified as hazards to users of Forest Service developed recreation sites along the Metolius River. Rather than remove all of the trees identified along the river, the fishery biologist from the Sisters Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest has identified those trees that may be felled into the river and left to benefit river life and stream function. So far this year, seven such trees have been identified. These trees will be felled in ways that will allow for safe boating passage, provide for trail access, provide fish habitat, and maintain stability against high flows. Some of the trees may extend 2/3 of the way across while only the very tips of others will touch the river. Exact angles and placement of these trees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account a number of different factors and safety concerns.

Upstream from Bridge 99, natural in-falls presenting boating hazards may be managed for safe boating while maintaining fish habitat. So far this year there are two such channel spanning natural in-falls that will be manipulated for safe boating passage, both are located near Camp Sherman.

Large trees that are placed in the river or that fall in naturally provide cover and food for stream organisms ranging from minute aquatic invertebrates to bull trout, a Threatened species. If properly felled into the river and onto the floodplain, and of sufficient size, the large trees usually remain stable for many years as they slowly break down into organic matter that can be used by stream organisms. When snorkeling the Metolius River this summer I can verify that most of the redbands, browns, and bull trout we counted were found close to large wood and branches, or in the seams and pockets that were created by large wood. Only mountain whitefish were found out in the direct current. Unfortunately, after major floods in the past, the Metolius River has been cleared of large wood. Historically the Metolius River had much more large wood than it currently does. This project is part of an ongoing effort to recruit more large wood into the Metolius River so that it is more in line with historic levels, and do so in a safe and responsible manner while taking into consideration all of the activities people enjoy along the river.

Comments regarding this project should be addressed to: Sisters Ranger District, Attn:Scott Cotter, P.O. Box 249, Sisters, OR 7759 or e-mail:

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Volunteerism Part 2

If you were paying attention to last month's newsletter then you may recall that we left you with a question at the end of an article on volunteerism, The question was to identify the person that became involved with COF for the purpose of initiating a project to do some habitat work on Tumalo Creek. The answer to that question is Bob Mullong AKA "Captain Caddis" .

In the spring of 1984 Bob was fishing Tumalo Creek (Bob won't say what kind of "fly" he was using) and noticed that there were very few pools. There were very long stretches of shallow riffle water. As the water dropped in the summer the fish became concentrated in the few good holding spots. Bob felt that if there could be some structure placed in the creek that the fish holding capacity would be increased. Bob asked a biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife if something could be done. Bob was directed to contact Tim Unterwegner in The Dalles. Tim was the eastern Oregon STEP biologist. STEP, the "Salmon Trout Enhancement Program" is the arm of ODFW that coordinates volunteer efforts. Tim directed Bob to Central Oregon Flyfishers .

COF was still a relatively young organization at that point in time, having been established in 1979. COF had been working with Tim (the STEP biologist) because at the time we had a hatch box project. Eric Shultz was president of COF at the time and we had about 25 members. Bob went to a meeting

Placing gabions in Tumalo creek was the first project. For those of you who don't know what a gabion is, a gabion is made of heavy wire mesh and holds a bunch of rocks. Several of these gabions were placed in the creek to back up water and form a plunge pool. 20 % of the COF membership participated in this project in 32-degree weather in November. The following spring COF got volunteer assistance from students at Pilot Butte Junior High and the Deschutes County 4 wheel drive club to do some log placement projects. Large logs spanning the creek formed even more pools. There was even some media coverage of our efforts.

This first involvement with our community's "youth" involved about two dozen kids from the junior high school in a "log rolling" project on Tumalo Creek. This year we will involve close to 400 youngsters in various education, and service projects through our "Kokanee Karnival". This homegrown project has expanded over the last several years to the point where it is receiving national recognition. If the club could field 20 percent of the membership to help out we would have adequate participation to do a good job. The club needs your help so that we can leave a legacy of enlightened and involved youth. Please contact Gene McMullen, Conservation Chairman at or 312-8939 or Phil Hager, COF President at 317-1075 or

The trivia question for this month is: "who is the past president of COF that was instrumental in initiation gravel projects on Fall River ?"

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More Local Knowledge

How can one gain more local knowledge without paying for it? Technically, you can't, but what you pay for it is what's important. To determine that ask yourself a few questions and then check out the possible answers.

Do you want to know more about the types and locations of fish in the various waters? Do you need more information on what types of flies to use? Are you looking for that "special place" where you always catch something? Are you looking for someone to help you find these and other answers?

Let's start with types and locations. The best source there is ODF&W, but the Bend office is usually swamped and doesn't have the time to spend educating everyone that asks for help. There is another source for these answers though that is a part of ODF&W. The guys at the hatcheries can give you a pretty good run down on what's where. Another source is the Club monthly meeting "social time" from 6:30 - 7:00. Start asking questions and you'll be surprised at how much knowledge is available. Besides that you just might find a few that are willing to take you there and show you.

What types of flies to use is another area with great resources. You can stop by any of the local shops, tell them you're a Club member and ask away. Each shop has their own selection of flies they have the best luck with. After a few shops you'll several flies are mentioned by each shop. Great way to narrow down the selections to the ones repeated the most often.

Another source is the Fall Streamside practice of stirring up a small section of the bottom of the stream and catching what you know loose in a screen. We'll also have information on this available at the Club outings so you can attend that and learn more about specific areas. How do you find that "special place"? Take the time at the Club meetings to ask other members about places they go to. You might find a partner and, like many of the members, find several "special places". One quick source is the Liar's Corner at the Club Meeting where we get reports. Another is the Fishing Reports on COF web page. The fun part is what works out for you may be totally worthless to someone else.

Finding someone to help you find these and other answers is really pretty easy, but you have to make the first move. Go to the meetings and ask questions. Go to the outings and ask questions. Pick up the membership list and call somebody and ask questions. "Getting there is half the fun", and you never know, taking the time to make that call or ask that question may begin a fishing partnership and friendship that lasts a long time.

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For Sale

For Sale 1 year old 16' Bass Tracker including: motor, fish finder, troll motor, boat cover and trailer.
Best Fly Fishing boat available. New cost over $7000. Asking $6000. Call Steve Sheldon at 541-593-1546


The perfect float tube fly rod. This is a simply dreamy, Loomis GL3, 6 weight, 9 foot 9 inch, 2 piece fly rod. Lists for $280. I'm selling it for $200. I need the money! This rod is like new. No tube or case.
Call Raven 923-6003

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Internet Stuff



E-MAIL is:

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422
  • Central Oregon Outdoors, 1502 SW Odem, 504-0372


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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2002 COF Officers & Board Members


PRESIDENT - Phil Hager
TREASURER - Viki Ramming
SECRETARY - Harry Harbin

Board Members

Art McEldowney
Ron Anderson
Bill Lundy
Gene McMullen
Tom Philiben
Harry Harbin
Dan Driskill
Vicki Ramming
Earl Rettig
Phil Hager
Hank Sailor
Mark Reisinger

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COF Committees

AMBASSADORS - Doyle Goolsby
AWARDS - Rex Harrison, Don Johnston
BANQUET - Tom Philiben, Dennis McMahon
ENTOMOLOGY - John Anderson
FLY TYING EXPO - Bill Lundy, Dan Driskill
HISTORIAN - Rex Harrison
INSTRUCTION - Gordon Chandler
LIBRARIAN - Gordon Chandler
NATIONAL FISHING DAY - T. Philiben, P. Hager
OUTINGS - Hank Sailor
PROGRAMS - Dave McNall, Gene McMullen
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Phil Hager, Harry Harbin
RAFFLES - Ken Stringer
WEBSITE - Gordon Chandler
WELCOME - Hank Sailor

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