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October 2001

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Random Casts

Time flies when you're having fun, or involved in things you really enjoy. We just finished the Fall Streamside portion of the Kokanee Karnival and I'd like to personally thank everybody that came out. Both those that helped and those that wanted to learn more. Also a heartfelt thanks to Hank for the lunches we had. Made for a nice break.

Some things have come down the road of info lately that you might want to note.

First, on September 25th there was a Water Resource meeting here in Bend regarding water use and its effects on the Deschutes River. It was nice to be there and find that everyone is paying attention to and seeking ways to increase the water flow in the Deschutes between Bend and Steelhead Falls. Nice to know that farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, fishers and water suppliers all recognize the potential damages that must be corrected.

Second, a recent study has found that illegally imported fish have brought with them a tapeworm that might wreak havoc on local native fish because there are no natural enemies or defenses against it. ODF&W biologists are looking in on this problem to see what might be done to correct it. Maybe it would be a good idea for each of us to take it upon ourselves to help educate the public regarding fishing regulations, and the ecological impact of bringing in fish from other areas illegally.

Several new members at the September meeting let me know that their new member packets had not made it through. In checking my records I found that they had been mailed, but, apparently, didn't get there from here. If you are a new member and that happened to your packet let me know. I'll send out another one or, even better yet, you can make it to the next meeting after you notify me and I'll hand it to you personally.

We are coming up on elections time and the elections committee will be letting you know in the Newsletter who the candidates are. Remember that we moved the election itself to the November meeting so the new Board Members and Officers can be brought up to speed before they take office in January. Look elsewhere in this months Newsletter for info on some changes in Committees, new Chair positions where help is needed and existing Committees where we're looking for new Chairs. If you want to keep the Club and its various activities alive let me know and I'll put you to work.

Phil @ COF

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Upstream Events

The Drift boat population survey of the Crooked River, October 2-4 has been cancelled because of low water.

The Sage Creek Barrier Construction Project during the week of October 15 has been placed on hold because the formal paperwork cannot be completed in time.


Thursday, 10/4
COF Board Meeting 7 PM at the Environmental Center in Bend
Thursday, 10/11
Metolius BT Spawning Survey 8 AM ODFW Parrell Rd. Contact Ted Wise 541-383 6363 or Tommie Speik 541-385-0445
Wednesday, 10/17
COF Meeting 7 PM at the CO Assoc. Board of Realtors
Late October
Deschutes River Restoration contact Tommie Speik 541-385-0445

Deschutes River Bank for restoration

Monday, Tuesday, 10/22,23
Local Egg Deliveries to Schools. Contact Tommie Speik 541-385-0445
Monday thru Friday, 10/22-10/26
Eastern Oregon Egg Deliveries to Schools Bob and Tommie Speik


Thursday, 11/1,
COF Board Meeting 7 PM at the Environmental Center in Bend
Saturday, 11/3 or 11/10
Crooked River Cleanup

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New COF Members!

New Members for August and September
  • Lon and ShirleyBryant
  • Jeff and Karla Farber
  • Jesse Felder
  • Chuck and Susan Heinrich
  • Dudley and Winnie Bell
Lets show all of these new members a big welcome and introduce yourselves to them at the next meeting in October. Share your adventures of the summer months and see if you can make plans to take them fishing as soon as possible.

New members please don't forget to pick up your copy of "Harry Teal's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing Central and Southeastern Oregon" from Bill Lundy's Welcome Table at the next meeting. We are all glad to have you join us.

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October Program

Phil Rowley author of "Fly Patterns for Stillwater's" will do a program titled "How to find trout in productive Stillwater's". Phil is a highly regarded speaker and expert tier who with help from Brian Chan has put together one of the best books on flyfishing I've ever read. He is bringing his tying materials and will get started around 6:00pm so come early if interested in tying. It is my understanding that he will sign books at the Patient Angler. Check with Peter Bowers at the Patient Angler for the time and date of the book signing.

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COF Meeting Date and Location

The Central Oregon Flyfishers meet on the third Wednesday of the month at The Central Oregon Association of Realtors, 2112 N.E. 4th Street, Bend,Oregon.

The Monthly gatherings start at 6:30 PM and the program begins at 7:00PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend. Invite a neighbor or friend to join us at the next meeting.

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COF Candidates

The COF nominating committee process of selecting candidates interested in officer and board positions beginning in 2002 is complete at this time. The full membership will vote for their candidates at the regular November Meeting on 11/21/2001. Please be sure to attend. After the election is completed, a special meeting will then be scheduled to greet and to provide a general orientation to those persons elected.

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The Flyfishers Prayer

God grant that I may live to fish
Until my dying day,
And when it comes to my last cast,
I then most humbly pray.
When in the Lord's safe landing net
I'm peacefully asleep,
That in his mercy I be judged
Good enough to keep.

Sent in by Lou and Theona Ellis

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Conservation Column

There are only a few more projects scheduled for this year now that Kokanee Karnival Streamside is over and I will tell you about them in a moment.

At the end of the year all of the volunteer hours and miles donated to the various projects need to be totaled for several reasons. One of these reasons is so that you can use them with your income tax return; but another reason to account for all of the time and miles is to enable the ODFW to obtain, from the State, additional dollars equal to the dollar amount value of the COF volunteer time and miles. It is because of the volunteer time and miles donated that some of the important ODFW projects can continue and you, a member of COF, benefit from this work.

In the past I have had to pester and call many times to have this information given to me - some times as late as the end of December. This year it is going to be different. Except for the Christmas Parade, all of this information will have been assembled and recorded by December. If this information had another person in charge, be sure that he/she has your information and that he/she reports it to me. If your information is something that you did on your own, then please report it to me yourself. Other than in this month's Newsletter, I will not ask again. There are projects from last April, May etc. about which I have not received any information. So if you want your time to count, send the information to me now, Tommie Speik at or 541-385-0445 -except for the three or four projects yet to take place. Thank you for what you have done and what you are going to do.

The upcoming projects are: Metolius Bull Trout Spawning Survey, Deschutes River Restoration, Local Egg deliveries, Eastern Oregon Egg deliveries, Crooked River Cleanup and the Bend Christmas Parade.

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The Stranger

From the FFF Clubwire October 1996
By Carl F Schneider, From the Kamloops Flyfishers of B.C. Canada

Who's the stranger, Mother dear?
Look - he knows us. Ain't that queer?
Hush, my son, don't talk so wild;
He's your father, dearest child.
He's my father! No such thing,
Father died 'way back last spring.
Father didn't die, you dub,
Father joined a fishing club.
But now the season's closed, so he
Has no streams on which to roam
That is why he's come back home.
Kiss him - he won't bite you child:
All those fishing NUTS look wild!

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Committee Help Needed

This is a list of some of the Committee chairmanships that will be vacant as of January 2002. We need your help to fill the chairmanships and/or to work on the committees. If you are interested please contact Phil Hager or Hank Sailor.

  • Conservation,
  • Fall Streamside for Kokanee Karnival,
  • Spring Kids Angling Clinic
  • Kokanee Karnival Fundraising,
  • Fish Dissection,
  • Programs for Club Meetings
  • New Member Welcoming

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Kokanee Karnival Remarks

Phil said "Why get involved with the KK and what is done there?"
A 5th grade boy at Brown's creek said "Wow, I had no idea streams could be so interesting".
Art said "I think we won one!"

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Internet Stuff



E-MAIL is:

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Support Our Local Flyshops


  • Deschutes River Outfitters, 61115 S. Hwy 97, 388-8191
  • The Fly Box, 1293 NE 3rd St., 388-3330
  • The Patient Angler, 55 NW Wall St., 389-6208
  • Fly & Field Outfitters, 143 SW Century Dr, Suite A, 318-1616
  • G.I. Joe’s, 63455 N. Hwy 97, 388-3773


  • Camp Sherman Store, Camp Sherman, 595-6711


  • Cent Wise Sporting Goods, 498 SW 6th Street, 548-4422
  • Central Oregon Outdoors, 1502 SW Odem, 504-0372


  • The Fly Fisher’s Place, 151 W. Main, 549-3474


  • The Hook Fly Shop, Sunriver Village Mall, Bldg. 21, 593-2358
  • Sunriver Fly Shop, 56805 Venture Lane, 593-8814


  • Numb-Butt Fly Co., 380 N. Hwy 26, Madras, OR 97741, 325-5515

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2001 COF Officers & Board Members



Board Members


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COF Committees

AMBASSADORS - Doyle Goolsby
AWARDS - Rex Harrison, Don Johnston
BANQUET - Tom Philiben, Dennis McMahon
ENTOMOLOGY - John Anderson
FLY TYING EXPO - Bill Lundy, Dan Driskill
HISTORIAN - Rex Harrison
INSTRUCTION - Gordon Chandler
LIBRARIAN - Gordon Chandler
OUTINGS - Hank Sailor
PROGRAMS - Dave McNall, Gene McMullen
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Phil Hager, Harry Harbin
RAFFLES - Ken Stringer
WEBSITE - Gordon Chandler
WELCOME - Hank Sailor

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