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    • 16 May 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Cascade Lakes

    Central Oregon Flyfishers

    Crane Prairie Outing

    Still happening.....!!

    Crane Prairie is about an hour from Bend and the home to Crane bows. These rainbows are measured in pounds not inches. Crane has rainbows (14 – 22” is normal), Kokanee, Browns, whitefish and bass. There are 3 old underwater riverbeds that are about 12’ deep. Parts of the lake are 16’. The old submerged forest is still present and helps establish the location of the old river bed, especially at Quinn river. There is still a lot of the old forest above water, but be careful of stumps that are just under the water. There is a dam at the south end of the lake and the out-flow of the Upper Deschutes river that feeds into Wickiup.  Crane allows gas engines, but the speed limit is 10 MPH. You will see small float tubes to multi passenger boats fishing on the lake. Quinn River channel and Rock Creek are very protected from the wind. Rock Creek is more open water with a few old dead trees on the north side. Water can be deeper here. There is very limited bank access.

    Tackle and Techniques: Insect life varies with midges, caddis, mayflies and damsels.  Chironomids, Zebra Midges and balanced leaches under a strike indicator in the channels account for a lot of fish all season.  Stripping Damsels and leaches is also effective.  There are pockets in the “trees” that allow room to hook and fight fish. Use a 5 or 6 weight rod with a floater or sinking line.

    Camping: Camping will be readily available early in the season at Quinn river camp ground at Crane Prairie. The Quinn river boat launch is very close.

    Meet Up

    16 May -  we will meet at the Quinn River boat launch (Crane Prairie) at 8:00 AM

    Please REGISTER so we know how many to expect.

    For more info contact: Eric White
    whitehaus692@gmail. com

    • 21 May 2021
    • 7:00 AM (PDT)
    • 23 May 2021
    • (PDT)
    • TBA

    Washington State Clark Skamania Flyfishers/COF

    John Day River Outing

    May 21 - 23, 2021

    COF has been invited to attend the John Day River outing with WA Skamania Flyfishers.

    The float will be from Spay to Service creek.

    Focus will be Small mouth Bass. More details to follow.

    Eric White, COF Outing Chairman

    • 05 Jun 2021
    • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM (PDT)
    • Cascade Lakes

    COF Hosmer Lake Outing

    Hosmer Lake is about 40 minutes from Bend.  It is creek fed and very clear early in the season. Hosmer is flyfishing only and catch and release. The lake has Rainbows, Brook and cutthroat trout, 14” – 18” is common, but it holds fish up to 24”.  It has a lower and an upper lake connected by a slow flowing channel. The lower lake is 11’ deep, but you will find most of your fishing is 4 – 6’ deep. There is an additional finger off the main channel that leads to a small dam. The channel leads to the upper lake, about a 25-minute row. Hosmer allows electric motors only. With the clear water, you will be able to see fish easily in the channel and upper lake. Early season, there is extensive bird life and more importantly, there is few watercraft (SUP, Kayaks and canoes). Later in the season the lake can be very, very busy with visitors. There is almost no bank access. Arriving early, before 7:00, in warmer months is important. The boat launch can become very busy and parking may be non-existent. A trailered boat is OK, but parking will be a challenge at times.

    Tackle and Techniques: Insect life varies with midges, caddis, mayflies, damsels and dragonfies.  Chironomids, Zebra Midge and balanced leaches under a strike indicator along the weed edges in the lakes and in the channels account for a lot of fish all season. There can be very good Callibaetis dry fly fishing at times. Stripping Damsels and leaches is also effective.  Use a 5 or 6 weight rod with a floater or very slow sinking line.

    Camping: Hosmer has plenty of camping, but nothing close to the water.

    Meet Up

    We will meet at the Hosmer boat launch at 7:30 AM

    Near by camping: https://www.recreation.gov/

    Deschutes/Lava Lake Campground, Deschutes/Crane Prairie Campground, Deschutes/Cow Meadow Campground, Deschutes/Elk Lake Campground, Deschutes/Cultus Lake Campground, Deschutes/Rock Creek Campground, Deschutes/Quinn River Campground

    Please REGISTER so we know how many to expect.

    For more info contact: Eric White
    whitehaus692@gmail. com

    • 14 Jun 2021
    • 7:00 AM (PDT)
    • Todd Lake Trailhead

    Meet at the Todd lake Trailhead
    7:00 AM

    Todd Lake is a natural lake and covers 45 acres, it’s named in honor of John Y. Todd, an early settler in Central Oregon. There is a day-use area and a rustic campground located on the west shore of the lake. Todd Lake is a popular outdoor recreation site for picnickingfishinghiking, and nature viewing.

    Todd Lake is located on the Cascades Highway just Past Mt Bachelor. The lake has Brook and Rainbow trout. Because of the short ¼ mile hike, few people make the effort to fish this from a float tube. The lake also has shore access, but the heavy forest, except for the North end, will make it challenging to cast. I fished Todd last year in the middle of June during a flying ant hatch. The rainbows and Brookies were very willing to take ants off the surface. There are also some great ledges and overhanging trees to offer great opportunities to the boater.

    Because the lake is popular and the parking can be challenging, we will meet at the trail head at 7:00. Walk up the trail to the lake edge. A portable float tube or pontoon is best.  Suggested tackle is 2 - 4wt rods. Set up one for dry’s and the other with a strike indicator for chironomids and midges.

    Suggested tackle is 2 - 4wt rods

    Plan on a shore lunch around 11:00

    Eric White
    COF Outing Chairman

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